Are you looking for a TV but not sure about the brand? Worry not, as many high-end TVs are on the market at an affordable price; for instance, TCL and Samsung offer high standard electronics at different prices.

This TCL vs Samsung comparison will help you choose the one which meets your needs.

What is TCL?

TCL is a Chinese electronics company and is young in the market as it has been producing high-end products since 1999. Although TCL has existed only for two decades, it has carved a name in the electronics industry; it is the fastest-growing television and mobile manufacturer and is the third-largest TV manufacturer globally.

TCL models have standard LED VA panel technology and have obtained Samsung’s QLED technology meaning some newer models have the TCL QLED models.

Although TCL has high quality, it underperforms as it does not have a high image processing power as the company uses Aping engine processor, which is of lower quality. Thus, the processor does not support image processing power, thus blurring the images and videos.

TCL has the best picture quality, and the motion technology will meet your needs. The contrast ratio and black level outperform most TVs like Samsung TVs. For instance, the TCL 6 series has the native contrast ratio, improving the local dimming feature. The TVs have the best backlight configuration, and it has a local dimming feature

Moreover, TCL televisions are cheap, which might be attributed to the cheap labor market in China. The company produces its electronic devices in countries where the labor prices are low, explaining the lower prices.

Thus, if you are looking for a device that would meet your budget, the TCL televisions would be a good choice.

What is Samsung?

Samsung televisions have created a name for themselves in the electronic industry as they are the leading manufacturers of high-end products. It has been manufacturing high-end mobile devices since 1938 and thus has built client trust over the years; the company offers TV models with a base quality level above other brands.

Thus, it is a premium TV manufacturer with leading features.

Samsung uses QLED technology, enabling the screen to get bright and deliver colorful and high-impact images. The Samsung processor uses advanced AI and cutting-edge TV technology to produce beautiful images.

You will get a complete pixel transition in ten seconds or less as Samsun comes with a pulse width modulation feature, making it impossible to notice flickering when watching your movies under normal conditions. Therefore, it produces high-quality pictures, which increases motion image quality.

Typically, you would expect high contrast ratio and black level from your Samsung TV model; the effect improves significantly when you enable local dimming. The local diming includes a whole array of backlight configurations, increasing the local dimming effect.

The TVs handle-less blooming, handle the subtitles better and have a suitable SDR peak brightness.

You should expect better color volume and color gamut across all Samsung TV models, as all TVs are created with this feature. This might be attributed to Samsung’s QLED panel technology which has rich color properties.

Samsung offers the best viewing angles, but this performance may differ from one model to another. Some Samsung models have an ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ layer on their screens which improves the general viewing; however, it may compromise the overall contrast ratio.

Furthermore, Samsung TV brands are a bit expensive, and you may need to develop an elaborate budget before investing in the TVs. However, they are worth the price as you enjoy prominent videos with better viewing angles and sound.

Samsung TVs have anti-glare, making it possible to watch the TV in a brighter viewing environment.

What is the Difference Between TCL and Samsung?

Panel Technology

TCL TVs have standard LED VA panel technology, but it acquired the Samsung QLED technology. The previous models might still have the LED VA, but newer models have the quantum-dot LED.

On the other hand, Samsung TVs use the in-house QLED technology, enabling the panel to get bright and deliver color, making viewing enjoyable due to the high-impact images. Thus, most Samsung models might be better than the TCL models due to the differences in the panel technology.

Image Processor

TCL TVs’ image processing power might underperform compared to Samsung’s. TCL TVs use an apt engine processor, which has underwhelming capabilities. However, TCL has said it will start rolling out the Gen 2 Apt engine processor, which has enhanced abilities to improve the image processing power.

Samsung uses the Neo Quantum processor, which is more powerful than the Apt engine. The processor works for both the 4K and 8K Samsung TVs and delivers powerful images and videos. Neo Quantum Processor uses AI and other technologies which allow the creation of beautiful images.

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Motion Technology

The Samsung TVs might have a similar motion technology to TCL TVs as they use QLED motion technology. Thus, they have the same complete pixel transition, but Samsung has a pulse width modulation feature, making it difficult to notice any flickering on your screen.

Picture Quality

The TCL TVs might have poor picture quality as they are a budget choice compared to Samsung TVs. Thus the picture quality will affect the TV’s overall performance. For instance, you will find a better contrast ratio with the Samsung TV, which improves performance due to the local dimming.

However, you may find some native TCL contrast ratio that outperforms the Samsung TVs. for instance, the TCL 6 series has the best black level and will outperform most Samsung TVs.

Local Dimming

Your TV should have local dimming settings and an array of backlight configurations. The local dimming helps the TV display the subtitles better and allows for less blooming.

The Samsung TV has better local dimming properties than the TCL TVs; premium TCL will give mediocre local dimming properties. The performance will vary depending on different TV models but Samsung TV models.

Peak Brightness

If you want a TV that offers peak brightness, you will go for Samsung models as the QLED technology is superior to the SDR technology. Thus, the Samsung TV will be brighter than the TCL TV of the same quality.


The television color is important, and Samsung will offer the best color display for the screen due to the color volume which results from the QLED technology. Samsung TV has an array of color gamuts across different TV models due to better Rec 2020 color space.

On the other hand, TCL TVs might not offer the color contrast you would love for your screen.

Viewing Angle

TCL does not have the best viewing angles compared to Samsung TVs. Thus, you should expect inferior performance when watching your content on TV. TCL might give a slightly-off center, and it may be wise to avoid the TCL TVs if you want to enjoy a wide seating arrangement.

However, on the other hand, Samsung has the best viewing angle, but the performance will differ from one Samsung model. Newer Samsung models have Ultra Viewing Angle, which improves the viewing experience scaly if you land on getting a wide seating arrangement.

Thus, if you want a TV for your home theater, you would go for the Samsung models, which offer the best views to all family members.


Although TCL has a fine semi-gloss screen finish, they have solid reflection but struggle with brighter viewing. On the other hand, Samsung TVs have a glossy finish with anti-glare, which reflects less light to the viewer’s eyes.

Sound Quality

If you want the best sound, Samsung TV would be ideal for you as they have built-in speakers with solid responses. TCL matches the Samsung TV sound quality as it offers equally decent sound quality properties.


Both TVs are smart and offer high-end connectivity features which might affect your experience. However, you should check each TV model to find the good connectivity features which meet your needs.


Both TCL and Samsung TVs have different specifications, and you should check the different models to find the inputs you enjoy. For instance, both have HDMI ports, USB ports, Ethernet ports, and digital optical audio out.

Voice Assistant

Recent TCL models have Google TV Smart OS, which incorporates the Google Assistant to the TV models. The assistant has the best voice assistant with high control qualities. On the other hand, Samsung uses a proprietary Bixby voice assistant to control the TVs as it is easy to take advantage of the voice control commands.

You may set the voice controls over Alexa as the TVs are compatible with different voice assistant features.

TCL vs Samsung Comparison Table

ComparisonTCL TVsSamsung TVs
Smart featuresWeb browser, Facebook, Skype, Apps, and Games compatibleIt is compatible with different apps and games, web browsers, and Facebook
FeaturesIt is a smart TVIt is a smart TV
ConnectivitySupports Wi-Fi and Internet, USB and HDMI portsIt supports Wi-Fi and Internet, HDMI, and USB ports
WarrantyIt has a one year warrantyIt offers one year warranty
Smart audioIt has an auto volume levelerIt has an auto volume level
Video formatsDivX, HD, MPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4MPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4
Total speaker16 W20 W

TCL vs Samsung: Which is Better?

Choosing the best TV might depend on your budget and the desirable features. For instance, if you want a cheap TV, TCL is the best option. They are made in China and offer the best value for your money, as the Chinese market and other off-shore manufacturers face low labor costs.

However, the TV quality might be compromised due to low-quality materials used to construct the TV

On the other hand, you may opt for the Samsung TV if you don’t face budgetary constraints. The Samsung TV offers the best features such as color contrast, best volume, and high-quality definition. They might be suitable for a home theater that requires high definition, better image quality, and anti-glare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TCL A Good Brand?

TCL is a good brand and is comparable to the best TVs in the market. Moreover, it is cheaper and offers almost similar quality as the Samsung TV models. Thus, you can invest in this TV quality to get the value for your money.

Is Samsung A Good Brand?

Although their TV models are a bit expensive, Samsung is a good TV brand. However, they offer the best sound and image quality and are suitable for a home theatre. You can save money to buy the Samsung TV and enjoy entertainment for the whole family.

Does TCL use Samsung panels?

Newer TCL brands support Samsung models by adopting the QLED Samsung technology. This technology improves the sound, image, and anti-glare properties. Therefore when buying the TCL TVs, you check if the specific model uses the Samsung Panel.

Who is Bigger, LG or Samsung?

Compared to LG, Samsung is the biggest TV manufacturer; it uses the best technology, promoting effective viewership. However, LG is among the leading brands, too, and if you are spoilt for choice, you can opt for it.

How Long Do TCL TVs Last?

TCL TV will last for more than five years, but the company only offers a one-year warranty for their appliance. However, the TCL TV will last for about ten years with proper care. Unfortunately, the technological changes in the electronic industry might make it impossible to enjoy TV in ten years.

How Long Do Samsung TVs Last?

The Samsung TV will last for more than five years, but the company offers a year warranty on the TV and most of its electronic appliances. If you care for the Samsung TV, it will last for more than five years.


Finding the right smart TV is easy since the market has TVs with some of the competitive features you would want in a TV. For instance, the difference between the TCL vs. Samsung TVs shows that one TV is cheaper than the other and offers all the smart features, while another TV is a bit expensive but has the best features.

TCL is affordable, but the features might not meet your needs, while Samsung has high-end features but might be a bit expensive. Good luck finding a smart TV that meets your needs.

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