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How To Fix Error 0x80070141

Error 0x80070141 is a straightforward problem for which users aren’t able to copy applications from their cell devices to your computer. Put it another way, this problem occurs when copying programs from Android or iPhone to a computer. Oftentimes, the cause of this problem stems from smartphone settings or a lack of drivers, among other … Read more

Hisense TV Problems: The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

For several years now, Hisense has been one of the most popular brands in the world for TVs and other electronics. They have a reputation for being cheap and reliable products that are easy to set up and use. But does this mean they’re perfect? Well, No! Like other Smart TV brands, Hisense is also … Read more

What are Holy Panda Switches?

Gaming enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars on parts for their computers, like the processor, graphics card, and memory, but what about the switches that go under our keys? When you type, you press keys on your keyboard, which means you cause switches to activate. When purchasing switches, you want high-quality switches that last longer and … Read more

How to Fix “Driver Overran Stack Buffer”

The driver overran stack buffer error, also known as DRIVER_OVERRAN_STACK_BUFFER, is a fatal exception that occurs when the driver of a device caused an overflow by sending more data to the device than it could handle. This error often appears when the driver is trying to read or write to a memory buffer larger than … Read more

Video Card vs Graphics Card: What’s the Difference?

A computer with a dedicated graphics processor can create images on the screen more quickly and with better image quality than when using its integrated video controller or an add-on adapter under most conditions. A graphics card has its random-access memory (RAM) and is dedicated to creating the images on your screen, while a video … Read more

10 Best Linear Switches of 2022

Linear switches and gamers – a match made in heaven. Gamers play their best when they’re comfortable and to be comfortable, there’s nothing better than a good set of linear switches. Doesn’t matter if you need switches for the office work, or you’re a hardcore gamer, you need to know what’s available on the market … Read more

Asus vs MSI Motherboard: Which One is the Best?

The battle of the motherboards is a never-ending one. There are many great brands, and it can be difficult to find out which one is best for you. In this blog post, we will compare two leading motherboard manufacturers: Asus and MSI. We’ll go over what makes each brand special, its strengths, and weaknesses, as … Read more

How to Fix Stop Code 0xc000021a

Many Windows users have reported the error code 0xc000021a after upgrading from Windows 10 to a newer version. It normally pops up on the screen when you are trying to boot to Windows. That makes it quite challenging to fix especially if you are relying on the simple tools available in the BIOS and the … Read more

Mini HDMI vs Micro HDMI: What’s the Difference?

If you’re looking to purchase an HDMI cable for your device, but don’t know the difference between mini and micro HDMI cables, this article is for you. Read on to learn more about these two types of connectors and how they can be used with different devices. What is HDMI? HDMI is a type of … Read more

Keynote vs PowerPoint: Which is Right for You?

Throughout your career, you may have been told to use one of these two presentation programs: Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. As a professional speaker and presenter, I can tell you that both are excellent tools for giving presentations. Both have their pros and cons. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the … Read more

How to Fix Event ID 1000

This article will cover how to fix application error Event ID 1000 in Windows 7 and 10. This error is mainly caused by an outdated graphics driver. An outdated graphics driver can cause this error in Windows 7 and 10. This error often occurs on computers with Intel integrated graphics and a discrete graphics card … Read more

Red vs Brown Switches: Which is Better?

You probably play games on a computer and heard about mechanical switches for keyboards. Many gamers prefer the use of mechanical keyboards for gaming. Usually, the rule of thumb is to use a red switch for FPS and brown switches for other games. But what’s the difference between these two kinds of switches? What’s the … Read more

Can You Have Two Modems In One House?

Undoubtedly, having an internet connection in your home is one of the most important things that you can have. It’s not only for watching movies and playing games online but it also allows you to do other stuff like downloading files or even surfing the web. However, if you want to enjoy all these benefits, … Read more

Patch Cable vs Ethernet: What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between a patch cable and ethernet? A patch cable or Ethernet cable are both used to connect devices together, but they have some key differences. Read on to find out how a patch cable differs from an Ethernet cable. What is Ethernet? Ethernet is a way that bits of information travel … Read more