My Printer is Printing Blurry

Sometimes, when you print documents with your printer, something may go wrong. Your printout might have smudged or distorted text and images, random meaningless characters, or incorrect page orientation among others. This can be a problem for both businesses and consumers since it may cost you time and money to get the printer repaired. There … Read more

How Many Keys on a Keyboard

Have you ever wondered how many keys are on a keyboard? It depends if you mean a computer keyboard or a piano keyboard. In this article, we will explore both types of keyboards. How Many Keys on a Computer Keyboard? The number of keys on a keyboard is not standard and varies from manufacturer to … Read more

What is LSB (Least Significant Bit)?

The least significant bit (LSB) is the lowest bit in a series of numbers. That is, if you represent a series of values in binary, the least significant bit would be the rightmost bit or the number on the far right. The LSB is also known as the “rightmost” or “past-the-end” bit. If the LSB … Read more

Quick Format vs Full Format

If you’re adding an external hard drive to your computer, it probably needs to be formatted. You may also want to do a format if you connect the drive to a different computer or use it as external storage, in which case you would want to choose the format as FAT32. If you need to … Read more

Lenovo vs HP – Which Brand to Buy in 2021

These two brands are currently among the most proficient manufacturers of laptops. For this reason, they do offer a plethora of options to choose from. This makes choosing one brand over the other quite difficult. Both HP and Lenovo continue developing new computers and advancing the features. To be able to compare which is better, … Read more

Brother Printer Paper Jam Error With No Paper Jammed

If your Brother printer insists there is a paper jam, you can try the following methods to see if you can remove the paper jam. Adjust The Printer Head Open the printer cover and check the position of the printer head. Check to see if there is a small piece of paper stuck on the … Read more

How to Open .PAK Files

To open a PAK file, double-click on the file from your Windows machine. If it doesn’t recognize the file, you need to download a file opener or extractor such as WinRAR or WinZip. What is a PAK File? A PAK file is a compressed archive file similar to Zip archive files. If you have many … Read more

How to Open VOC Files

What is a VOC File? VOC is an audio file format created by Creative Technology in the 1990s used by the Sound Blaster sound cards. You know that it’s a VOC file because it has the .voc file extension. VOC files can contain audio clips, sound effects, and music files that are compressed to reduce … Read more

Dell vs HP- Which Brand is Better and Why? [2021]

Dell XPS 13

The process of buying a new laptop can be quite challenging. There are many brands and models to choose from. The most popular brands are Dell and HP. Both of these brands are market leaders known for the quality products they bring to the market. Many of us are accustomed to the behavior of searching … Read more

NordVPN review: What is it and how good is it?

If you want to know everything about NordVPN, you have come to the right place. I have come across my articles on NordVPN but most of them are a general overview. In this article, I will go in-depth to do a NordVPN review. What is NordVPN? NordVPN is a virtual private network service provider. It … Read more

How to create a bootable Debian Linux on a USB flash drive

How do you install Debian Linux on your computer? This isn’t obvious. The old way is to download the Debian Linux and burn it to a DVD. How many computers still come with DVD drive? As the Internet becomes more prevalent, our reliance on a local copy of files becomes less and less. The interesting … Read more

How to Make Address Labels Using the Avery Templates

There are different approaches to making address labels. If the address labels are all to the same address, I recommend that you use the Avery template. Windows If you are using a Windows operating system, an Avery template is available for Microsoft Word. It is available from the Avery website. The Avery Template 5260 is … Read more

Google Wi-Fi Review

Google Wifi Review

Unlike the traditional method of having one router that supports Wifi for your entire home, Google Wi-Fi uses a mesh Wi-Fi system. The mesh network creates coverage that extends far behind what one router is capable of supporting. It can be used to support your office, living room, garage, basement, and other rooms. Multiple Google … Read more

How to Secure Your Passwords – The Ultimate Guide

How many passwords do you know? How many passwords do you remember in your head? What do you use to store them with? Where do you store them? How do you keep them secure? There are many things to consider when you are dealing with passwords. With online compromises on the rise, you should seriously … Read more