PC gaming is exciting, and you should look for ways to enhance the gaming experience. You may improve the keyboard as it greatly determines the speed and gaming efficiency. Blue Switches are among the keyboard enhancements for a PC. They have a large tactile bump and louder audible clicks, exciting for gamers.

Are Blue Switches good for gaming? Blue Switches are not good for gaming as they don’t increase the gaming speeds or make the gaming smooth. Read about ways to incorporate switches into your PC to improve gaming.

Can You Use Blue Switches For Gaming?

Although you can use the Blue Switches for gaming, they may not be ideal. It is easy to assume speed switches are good or the switch you choose depends on your preferences.

However, gaming needs the best mechanical switch to meet the gaming needs. The Blue Switches are popular among gamers, but they have limitations, such as the strong tactile bumps on the keystrokes.

The bumps on the Blue Switches make it challenging to press the keys quickly, making it hard to control the game.

Although some people may think the bumps are stylish, they reduce gaming efficiency even for people who prefer mechanical switches with large keystrokes. The keystrokes may not respond to consecutive pressing.

Competitive gaming requires fast button mashing as you want to overcome the competitors. Thus, you might fail even if you are a professional gamer when you incorporate the Blue Switches into your PC gaming experience.

Another factor may be the click noises produced by the keystrokes; people who have issues concentrating might be distracted by the noises. When playing a game, you may need a silent and ambient environment. The keystrokes might not do you any justice.

Thus, it would be wise to get a linear switch that is more silent and does not distract the player.

Gaming might involve communicating with the opponents, and the Blue Switches may make communication a nightmare. The opponents may hear the single click as you type. This is not the ideal situation you want for your gaming communication. You may stay away from the switches to improve the gaming and communication experience.

Despite these flaws, it does not mean you cannot use the Blue Switches for gaming, as they might be an option when you can access the linear switches.

When playing casual games, you may opt for the Blue Switches, especially if you enjoy the bulky keys and the noise when gaming. Moreover, switches may matter for some games more than others, and you may switch from the Blue Switches to the linear switches when playing a game that needs more speed.

For instance, Call of Duty may need a player who can click the mouse faster, while Fortune needs a player who can build the walls and press keys swiftly. Therefore if you are a Blue Switches enthusiast, you can switch to other switches according to the game’s requirements.

Pros of Using a Blue Switch for Gaming

  • It gives the click feel

Most gamers who choose the Blue Switches do so because of the click feel. Blue switches will make you know you are clicking the right keys. If you want a feedback-responsive keyboard, the Blue Switches might be a suitable option.

You might be more aware of the keypress when you master the click feel when moving the fingers and the clicking when the keys actuate it.

  • It gives accurate clicks

Gaming needs accuracy, and you can achieve that with the blue switches as they give accurate clicks. You may hear the keyboard strikes as it produces sound, making it easy to know when you lick certain keystrokes. Inaccurate clicks don’t count when playing PC games.

The accuracy of the clicks will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors. Blue switches are accurate and will notify the player of the clicks they make, which helps during gameplay.

  • It has a good actuation and operating force

Blue Switches have good actuation and operating force, which you need for playing PC games. When you press the switch on the keyboard, you would respond after some pre-traveled time you clicked the switch; this is the actuation point for the switch.

The switch has a good activation force that offers minimal resistance.

Cons of Using a Blue Switch for Gaming

  • It is noisy

Most players prefer playing in a quiet and ambient environment, but the Blue Switches do not offer the ambiance. They are noisy, and you would hear each keystroke. This may be bad for players who don’t know how to multitask.

Moreover, the noisy keystrokes may distract other players in the room from hearing the noises. You may fix the issue through the switch’s settings. This is something most gamers might not be aware of when buying the switch.

  • It has a higher travel distance than any linear switch

The Blue Switches have a higher travel distance as they are difficult to press. First-time users may easily push it when they don’t want to lead to issues during gaming; the bulky buttons may not be ideal for gaming.

Do Blue Switches Get Annoying?

If you bought the Blue Switch initially for the bulky and click keyboards, you would enjoy it for the first few days before it gets annoying. First, chatting with the other gamers becomes an issue as the Blue Switches produce a sound with each keystroke. The gamers will hear all the noises you make when chatting.

The noises might be distracting for all the team players, but you can avoid the noises by choosing silent switches.

Additionally, the bulky keys on the switch may become overwhelming when you want to press them consecutively. Gaming may depend on the clicking speeds. It is easy to drag behind when you incorporate the switch into your gaming experience.

The switch might be useful for recreational gaming, only making it an unideal investment in the long run for professional gamers.

Are Blue or Red Switches Better For Gaming?

You would want to excel in competitive gaming, and your performance may depend on the switch you choose. So are the Red or Blue Switches ideal for gaming? Blue Switches click and may not be ideal for competitive gaming. You may wish to stay away from these switches.

Blue Switches may produce a little tactile bump and slow you down as the bulky buttons may not respond well to subsequent pressing. They may also be noisy, distracting a player. This switch may ruin your competitive gaming experience.

On the other hand, Red Switches are linear and make excellent choices for gamers to add mechanical switches into their gaming experience. These switches are less bulky and need less force to operate. They produce less noise which does not distract the gamer or the teammates.

Moreover, the red switches respond fast to touch and typing and are rated among the best switches by gamers.

What Switches Are The Best For Gaming?

Linear switches are ideal for gaming as they improve your experience during gaming due to reduced noise and fast touch response. You will enjoy the best performance when you choose the linear switches, which have improved and higher efficiency during gaming.

The switches actuate very lightly, making them more suitable for gaming than the blue switches. Some linear switches, like the red switch, respond quickly to touch and save several milliseconds, which puts you ahead of competitors.

Another option is the Cherry MX linear switch, which offers the greatest gaming speeds. You may find super-specialized linear switches optimized to meet your gaming needs.

Are Blue Switches Good For Fortnite?

Blue Switches offer fast and accurate clicks, ideal for Fortnite and other FPS games. Unfortunately, Fortnite may require one to chat with the other competitors. Blue Switches might be too noisy for the chats.

Your teammates may hear the keystroke when chatting. This becomes distracting when you want to engage in long chats. Instead of the noisy background, it may be better to go for other switches.

However, Blue Switches may be ideal for Fortnite if you choose the silent option or use earphones due to the reduced noise distractions. 

Are Cherry MX Blue Switches Good For Gaming?

The Cherry MX offers high-quality mechanical switches and is a popular brand among gamers. This is among the switches ideal for gaming. The Cherry MX operates with a 60cN force, 4mm total travel, and 2.2mm pre-travel.

The switch is impressive due to the speed, but it may produce noises like the Blue Switches, thus distracting the gamer and the teammates. The Cherry MX manufacturer emphasized the high speeds needed for professional gaming.

Instead of buying the Blue Switches, you can switch to these highly effective switches.

What Switches are Bad For Gaming?

You can choose the best switches based on the ideal characteristics you need during gaming. Bad switches may not meet these characteristics. For instance, you should avoid tactile switches due to their impact on a game.

Some switches with tactile are the blue, brown, clean, and orange switches.

These switches might have a tactile bump which reduces gaming smoothness and actuation consistency impacting the gamer’s experience.

The switches may slow down your speed as they produce undesirable impacts when used for high-speed gaming.

Are Blue Switches Better For Typing?

Blue Switches may be ideal for typing as they have a bumpy feel and ensure a person presses the right keys when typing. If you type so much at work, you can get the Blue Switches as they are accurate and ensure your work is accurate.

The sound might not distract users when typing work, but you can use the silent mode if the Blue Switch is a nuisance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blue or Red Switches Ideal For Gaming?

Choosing between the red and blue switches might be difficult as each gamer has specific gaming needs. However, the red switch is linear, responds more to touch, and is not noisy. It may be the best switch for competitive gaming where the number of clicks matters.

On the other hand, the blue switch may not be ideal for competitive gaming, but some players still like it. You can opt for the blue switch if you play recreational games and enjoy the bumpy keystrokes and the noises; some gamers live for the noisy buttons.

Are the Blue Switches Silent?

The blue switches are not silent, and they produce sufficient noise, which may distract a gamer and the teammates during gaming. Each keystroke produces noise, and chatting may be difficult as the other players hear the noises.

How Do the Blue Switches Feel?

The blue switch has bulky keys, which may be inefficient for competitive gaming, which needs consecutive clicks. Moreover, they are noisy and distractive for gamers.

What are the Best Switches For Gaming?

The linear switches are ideal for gaming as they have a high response to touch and increase the gaming speeds, and you would need them for competitive gaming. It is better to avoid tactile switches, which reduce speed and gaming efficiency.

Can I Use My Blue Switch For Typing?

Yes, you can use the blue switch for gaming as it is efficient and ensures you get the right clicks which are ideal when typing your work.


Choosing an ideal gaming manual switch is challenging as there are many options in the market. However, are the blue switches ideal for gaming? They may be good for gaming depending on your needs and the game you are playing.

The blue switches are bulky and offer slower speeds that are not ideal for professional gaming and produce distractive noises that impact your experience. Thus, they may be ideal for non-competitive gaming, especially if you enjoy the bulky buttons and the background noise.

It may be better to go for the linear switches, which are highly responsive to touch and produce less noise during competitive gaming.

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