It’s not uncommon for your Sony PlayStation 4 to be a little noisy when you’re gaming, but some people have reported that their consoles are louder than usual. What could the problem be? Is it just my console or is this an issue with all PS4s?

Let’s take a look at some of the most likely reasons why your PS4 might be so loud and what solutions there may be to resolve these issues.

Why is the Fan in the PS4 So Loud?

There are many reasons why your PS may be louder than usual. The fan inside the console is typically responsible for keeping it cool, especially if you play your games on higher settings or leave it running all day long.

The fan on your PS4 needs to spin at a certain speed in order for the system’s components not to overheat. If it spins too slowly, then that can cause overheating which will eventually lead to issues with the console itself.

To prevent this from happening, there are fans inside of your device designed to dissipate the heat. If your fans are loud, then that means that they’re spinning too quickly in order to cool things down.

When this fan becomes damaged or obstructed by dust and debris, there is also a good chance that it will make more noise as it struggles to do its job.

How Can You Make Your PS4 Quieter?

There are a few things that can be done to help reduce the noise coming from your console:

  • Cleaning – It’s always important to keep your console clean and dust free, especially if it is exposed in an open space where air flow isn’t as good as it would be in a closed entertainment center. You can use compressed air to blow out the dust and debris from your fans or simply wipe them down with a soft cloth.
  • Ventilation – If you find that your PS4 is running hotter than normal, make sure that nothing is blocking the fan intake on the bottom of console and try not placing it in an enclosed space where the air flow is less than optimal. Keep your Sony PlayStation 4 in a well ventilated space. If you keep it inside of an enclosed cupboard/shelf, then this could make matters worse.
  • Sound – You can try playing with your console volume turned up or down. If it’s too loud, you may start to notice some of the background noise around you so turning the volume down slightly might work better for everyone involved. It all depends on what your comfort level is.
  • Cooling Fans – Purchase external cooling fans to help circulate air around the console.

How Can You Fix a Noisy PS4 Fan?

If none of the above suggestions seem to help, it’s possible that your console has an issue with its internal fans. While this may not be something that Sony will cover under warranty (although they might depending on the exact circumstances), there are some things you can do yourself to try and resolve the issue.

  • Cleaning – If your console is making a loud grinding noise, it’s possible that something has become lodged in the fan which could be causing excessive friction when it spins at full speed. This can typically be resolved by opening up your PS4 and taking out some of the dust with a cotton swab or another soft bristled brush.
  • Fix – You can try lubricating your fan to help smooth out the operation. Be careful not to get any oil on the electrical components or inside of your console though, as this could cause an even bigger problem down the line. If you are unsure how to properly fix a noisy PS4 fan, it might be worth it to consult a professional who can help you address the issue without causing too much damage.

Why Do PS Fans Fail?

There is any number of reasons why your PS4 fan could end up failing, including:

  • Overheating – If your console is running hot then it will likely try and compensate by trying to run the fan faster to cool down. If there’s a problem with it, then your PS4 may not be able to keep up and this could result in overheating which is very dangerous for electronic devices.
  • Debris – If something gets lodged into or around your console then it can cause problems with how well the fan operates. This could be anything from dust and dirt, to coins or even small toys that kids may have gotten into your console.
  • Manufacturing – It is possible for fans in PS4 consoles to break down over time, especially if you leave the console on all of the time so this means regular cleaning can help extend its life.

Why Do PS4 Systems Get So Hot?

There are a couple of reasons why this can happen, but it usually comes back to how you use the console. For example, if you leave it on for long periods of time, then that could cause overheating. This is because the console’s components get hot and if they’re left on for too long without being cooled down properly it can lead to some serious issues with your machine.

Another way in which you might experience this problem is by placing other objects on top of your Sony PlayStation 4 while it’s turned on. This is because the fan needs to be able to circulate air all around it in order for things not to overheat.

If you have other objects on top of your console, then this can cause problems with airflow which will lead to overheating and loud fans.

How to Tell if the PS4 Fan is Broken?

As long as you can hear the fan’s noise, it’s not broken. It could be dirty or clogged though which is worth investigating. If you’re hearing a clicking sound in addition to the loud noise, your fan might be broken and you’ll need to contact Sony.

A louder than normal noise with no sign of buildup means that your PS4 is damaged internally and will need professional help fixing. If you’ve already tried cleaning the fan and it’s still making a lot of noise, there might be something wrong with your console.

Can a PS4 Work Without a Fan?

Surprisingly, yes. A PS4 does not actually require a fan to function properly but it is required if you want your console playing games for more than 10 minutes without overheating and crashing the system.

If there are no fans running then this would cause serious problems within the hardware which will either damage components, decrease performance, affect the life span of the console, and cause crashes. If it’s not a clogged fan or dust causing the loud noise then you can try to replace your PS4.

How Do I Clean My PS4 Fan?

While it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fix the fan problem yourself, there are some things you can do if your PS4 is still under warranty. One simple solution would be to clean the console with a soft cloth and use a compressed air spray or even an anti-static vacuum cleaner.

If none of these solutions work then you should probably contact Sony for support.


We hope this guide has helped you identify the problem with your Sony PlayStation 4 and find a solution. We recommend contacting Sony about warranty or repair issues.

Have you found any other reasons why my PS4 might be so loud? Let us know below in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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