Digital communication techniques such as emojis and images might confuse you. If you still enjoy simple written communication forms, interpreting the emoji might be a significant issue. This happens to almost everyone using new emojis, and abbreviations such as OBJ replace new emojis which your device may not interpret.

So what does OBJ mean in the text? OBJ is an object replacement character that stands for a new character or emoji your device does not show on the screen.

Read on to learn more about text and emoji OBJ and how you can eliminate them.

What is the OBJ Format?

The OBJ format is a file format used by computers and mobile devices to identify characters, symbols, emojis, and images displayed on the screen. These characters are represented by codes that are recognized by the device.

However, in some cases, when a special character or character set is used, the software may not be able to function properly. This can result in the software not recognizing the characters, which will be displayed in an OBJ file format.

The OBJ symbol or the OBJ in a dotted box indicates that the software cannot identify the OBJ file format.

What Does OBJ in a Dashed Box Mean?

So, have you read a Facebook post with an OBJ dashboard box and wondered what the abbreviation meant? The OBJ abbreviation stands for object replacement character and is a text placeholder Unicode for an otherwise unspecified object. Thus, the OBJ abbreviation may replace a character that might not be displayed on the screen.

Although you would not place the OBJ in the post when writing a Facebook post, Facebook will assign it to characters that may not be displayed on your screen.

For instance, you may write a sweet and cheerful message and use a specific emoji to accompany the message, but instead of the emoji display on your post, you would get the OBJ dashboard in place of the emoji. Such a Unicode represents the emoji that your device would not display.

Unicode is a standard representation of different symbols and incorporates almost all emojis into the computer communication network. It references the usable characters on the internet; it is a computer language that harmonizes the languages used by people online.

Thus, your device will interpret the non-displayed character without showing the actual character.

Although the device shows the OBJ symbol on the screen, it can interpret the emoji below the text holder. If you sent a message with the OBJ using a phone software that does not recognize the character and emoji to one which can interpret the emoji, the other phone would read the unidentified character.

The OBJ simplifies communication between computers, as the computers can read the underlying character represented by the OBJ even if it is not shown on the phone.

What is OBJ Emoji?

The OBJs are emojis that your device may not display; this happens if the device software does not recognize the emoji. This happens when there are new Apple and Android software updates.

The web pages may take time before they recognize the new emoji; thus, they would use a placeholder instead of the emoji. Your old phone software may not also read the new emoji, especially if the new emoji are incompatible with the old software.

To avoid the OBJ emojis, you need social media app updates and phone operating system updates.

So your emoji keyboard function will receive the emoji objects, but since the device will not recognize the emoji, you will receive the ONJ placeholder instead of the emoji. The OBJ makes the computers function effectively as they will recognize the emoji despite the OBJ emoji display.

What Does OBJ Mean in Text?

If your friend sends you a message and you get the OBJ placeholder instead of receiving it, the phone does not interpret some text characters. Your device’s library may not represent the unique character and emoji, and you don’t need to worry if the app runs effectively.

However, it may occur if there is a bug in the device software, and you would need to ensure it functions appropriately; new updates make it easy to interpret the new characters.

What Does OBJ Mean in Slang?

OBJ, in slang, means an object and may not specifically refer to the text replacement. It may mean an identified object or one which is not identified. Thus, the use of informal communication differs from one context to another. Sometimes the slang may be used to mean bad vibes.

Thus, it would be better to understand the context and use it before using any new slang. It is better to use formal language instead of slang all the time, and you might misuse it. It is worse as some slang is not available online; thus, researching slang will not improve how you use them.

What Does OBJ Mean On Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform that emphasizes images and short captions. Users frequently use hashtags and share 3D model pictures.

However, when the software cannot recognize a complex character or image, it may replace it with the OBJ symbol. This can also occur due to long loading times.

What is OBJ on Facebook Posts?

You may see OBJ on Facebook posts, as the device may not display all characters. OBJ was created to prevent such errors, but you would still get the OBJ dashboard if your software does not display the specific character.

Most people may think their phones or Facebook sites have issues when it displays the symbol, but neither your device nor Facebook has an issue. The dashboard only means the software has no idea how to display the image and replaces it with the OBJ placeholder.

The Facebook OBJ occurs in place of the emoji, new characters, and images, and it may be challenging to understand the message when an OBJ represents it.

Why Do You See OBJ on Facebook?

The Facebook software tries to interpret and represent all characters as much as possible, but sometimes the software may not recognize some characters, thus showing the OBJ dashboard. This issue may often occur when using the voice-to-text function on iPhone to dictate their comments and posts.

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Apple translator may encode its characters; Facebook may not yet know how to display them. Therefore, writing all your posts and comments would be better to avoid communication errors due to message encoding and decoding.

The OBJ may happen when Apple or Android updates its emoji library; the play stores update a lot of new emojis frequently. So, if Facebook does not know how to represent these new emojis, it would place an OBJ placeholder in your posts.

Sometimes Android might not have the proper non-Apple emoji equivalent; thus, only Apple users with iOS updates may access it and not see the OBJ placeholders on their walls.

Software bugs on Android software may cause the OBJ placeholder.

Bugs may infect your device software. The character and image may be corrupted by the emoji or the line breaks on Instagram. The bugs will be in your Facebook application or the software if you have not updated it for a long time.

You may update the Facebook app or the device’s operating system to see if the changes reduce the OBJ appearance on Facebook posts.

Although the OBJ rarely occurs due to corrupted data, sometimes you may receive errors from the corrupted data. Corrupted data is rare for Mac, Windows, and smartphones, but it would occur due to data transfer from one device to another. There might be data omission from an unstable internet connection.

The missing data makes it hard to read all the characters in a text; thus, your device would use a placeholder to represent the missing information.

What Does OBJ Mean On Youtube?

The OBJ symbol on YouTube typically signifies a software bug. This can result in YouTube’s inability to recognize different characters, text, or emojis.

Additionally, when users unintentionally type complex words or letters, the OBJ symbol may appear in search suggestions. In this case, the software cannot identify the characters and displays the OBJ symbol.

On YouTube, the OBJ symbol represents the Unicode Object Replacement Character (U65532), just like on other platforms.

What Does OBJ Mean In Word?

You might have seen the character appear when working in Microsoft Word, but it’s nothing to worry about. All this symbol tells you is that the software has encountered an object from another type of file format and doesn’t know how to interpret it correctly.

This occurs because the software cannot recognize the specific object, so it replaces it with this symbol instead. By understanding this simple concept, you can quickly move on and continue using the program without interruption.

How Do You Get Rid of an OBJ on the Word?

Sometimes, you get the OBJ text when you download online data and open it on Microsoft Word. Removing the OBJ from word may be complicated; press the Ctrl+a and select the whole word document, then right-click the Toggle Field Codes.

You would press the Ctrl+Shift+F9 on the keyboard as it removes the field codes and replaces the texts hidden under the OBJ code.

What Does the OBJ File Contain?

OBJ stands for an object, an object replacement for character displays when the software does not know how to render the particular character and symbol. Thus, it represents the given character, and only computers will access the meaning of the character. It makes it easy for computers to read messages even if the software does not display a particular symbol.

The file contains a 3D image; you might easily open it with a 3D image editing app. Thus, if you are curious about the message, you may need to invest in an image editing app. You may use the app if the information in the OBJ is important for communication.

How to Get Rid of the OBJ Dashed Box?

If the OBJ image makes it hard to communicate with your loved ones, you will get rid of it. Thankfully, you can find quick solutions for the OBJ display, and you would use different approaches for Android and IOS.

  • Update the app

Updating the operating system might be the fastest way to eliminate the OBJ issue. The update will immediately fix the issue if the issue arises from outdated software that may not recognize new characters and emojis.

Moreover, you can update the unique media apps to reduce the occurrence of the OBJ character replacement. You would need to update the phone emoji library to reduce the occurrence of the emoji OBJ.

You may update the operating system by going to the Device’s Settings, searching for the Software Update section, scanning the device to find newer updates, and tapping on the updates to receive the new updates.

  • Download a new emoji keyboard and library

Updating the device operating system and social media apps doesn’t reduce the OBJ connection. Thus, you can update the emoji library and keyboard on your device. The updates will incorporate the new emoji and eventually eliminate the OBJ error.

You will find different emoji keyboards online for Android and IOS. However, you may need to read the online reviews to find the most suitable emoji keyboard for your device.

You will install the emoji keyboards and set them as the primary keyboard to eliminate the OBJ issue.

OBJ may occur on Windows and Mac software, and you can fix the issue effortlessly with an OS update. Apple devices and Microsoft needs emoji library updates frequently to catch up with the emergent emoji and characters.

You will receive the new emoji once you update Microsoft and Mac. On the Windows setting, you would go to the new updates to find new characters and emojis, download the app, and let the app reinstall.

On the other hand, Mac users would go to the Apple menu and system preference; then, they would check for updates, tap on the download and install the characters on the OS of the Mac device.

Is OBJ Error a Virus?

The OBJ is not a virus, and there is no need to worry when you receive the replacement holder in your phone. The OBJ image only shows the phone’s software’s inability to read new characters and emoji.

A text error does not harm your device. You may need some updates to overcome the OBJ errors.

What Do Empty Squares Mean in a Text?

The empty squares in a text are similar to the OBJ, as they act as character and emoji replacements when the software has no idea what the character is. They may not know what to do with the new character. It means the software interprets the character as the Unicode object replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does OBJ Mean on Social Media?

OBJ is an acronym used on social media to inform the user that the software does not recognize the character entered into the text. Thus, an OBJ image will appear when trying to message someone or send a response.

What Does OBJ Contain?

The OBJ has an image of a missing character or emoji and acts as a placeholder. The computer will interpret these images to understand the message.

Can OBJ Occur Due to Data Corruption?

Data corruption is rare for smart devices but may occur due to the data transfer process. The corruption due to the unstable internet may make it hard to transfer the text characters.

The computer may not read the characters appropriately, leading to OBJ replacements.


The OBJ may not be a major issue for your device, but they prevent effective communication. Updating social media apps and phone operating systems may be better to improve communication.

Your device uses the OBJ to replace the emoji and characters it does not read. These unreadable characters may occur due to voice-to-text communication, outdated software, data corruption, and the development of new characters.

Good luck learning how to get rid of the OBJ text replacement.

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