The acronym “NP” is often used in text messaging and chat rooms to respond to a question or statement. NP stands for “no problem” and it’s often used as a quick answer to someone who has made a request.

For example, you might use this abbreviation if someone asks you how your day was going, and you want to let them know that it’s going just fine – there’s no need for concern.

NP can also be used when responding to an offer of help, such as if someone offers their assistance on an assignment but you don’t really need any more help with it – again, letting them know that they’re doing okay and not putting anyone out.

The abbreviation could also be used in the case where you offer to take care of ordering pizza for everyone but someone else wants to do it instead – saying “NP!” lets them know that there’s no need for concern.

What Does NP Stand For in Medical Terms?

NP stands for nurse practitioner in medical terms. NP’s are registered nurses who typically graduate with a Master of Science in Nursing and then earned national certification as a nurse practitioner.

The role of an NP is to diagnose, treat and manage acute and chronic illnesses while working together with physicians.

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