Gaming enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars on parts for their computers, like the processor, graphics card, and memory, but what about the switches that go under our keys?

When you type, you press keys on your keyboard, which means you cause switches to activate.

When purchasing switches, you want high-quality switches that last longer and feel better when you type to increase your productivity.

There are many types of switches, but only a few are considered holy by gamers and typists. That’s where the name Holy Panda Switches comes in! 

If you haven’t heard about them and never used them before, you should try them out because they last longer and feel better than most other switches on the market.

Also, the price to performance ratio of Holy Panda Switches is great, so you can get more bang for your buck. You will be impressed by how good they feel to use. 

Before I discuss the specifications and features of Holy Panda, let’s brief about what exactly Holy Panda Switches are.

What are Holy Panda Switches?

Holy Panda Switches are the choice of many gamers because they are designed for high performance. Although these switches come in different colors, each switch activates with a better auction force, noise level, and overall excellent feel.

When you compare Holy Panda Switches with other switches on the market, you will notice the quality is higher, better, and improved.

Although many people type for hours each day, they usually use a low-quality switch that causes discomfort and fatigue. However, Holy Panda Switches provide the best tactile response, which means you get a great feel and feedback when using the switch.

When you press a key, you want to hear and feel a click because it’s satisfying and tells you that the switch has activated.

What Do You Need to Know About Holy Panda Switches?

Holy Panda Switches are made in a fully automated factory to keep costs down and quality up. The company carefully sources its components from other factories to ensure the Holy Panda Switches are of the highest quality. This is what separates Holy Panda Switches from its competitors.

These switches are made with a base from Halo Clears technology found in the Halo True switches. 

The Holy Panda Clears are lighter than the clicky blue switches but heavier than the Razer Greens, so they have a higher actuation force while being quieter than both. The Halo Clears have a lighter feel while still being tactile, responsive, and precise.

Some interesting facts about Holy Panda Switches:

  • Holy Panda Switches are one of the most expensive investments in switches.
  • They are the snappiest tactile switches for gamers.
  • Their high price doesn’t stop gamers from buying them.
  • These switches were made with an experiment of two different switches (i.e., Slider of a Halo True and the housing of an Invyr Panda).

Specifications of Holy Panda Switches

Here I have included the main specifications of Holy Panda Switches. Follow this table to understand why these switches are more popular than any other.

ManufacturersDrop, Glorious, and YOK
Powerful Actuation Force67g
Mount TypePlate Mounted
SmoothnessCrisp with every click
ColorMostly salmon

This high force and top actuation point allow for faster typing and high responsiveness. 

Below we have mentioned the features of Holy Panda Switches. This is not an exhaustive list of all the specifications, but it will give you a good idea of the capabilities of the Holy Panda switches.

Features of the Holy Panda Switches

Lighter in DesignThey are designed to mimic the feel of heavier switches but with a lighter touch so typing and gaming are easier. They reduce fatigue and increase productivity when typing long documents.
Faster ResponseWith a light touch, the Holy Panda Clears speeds up your reaction time so you can get your shots off faster than before. You can set the keyboard back to the exact same switch every time so you establish muscle memory.
High Auction ForceHoly Panda Switches have a high activation force so you do not have to press down very hard on the keys. It has 67g of actuation force which is exceptionally high.
No NoiseHoly Panda Switches have a silent operation so you easily can focus on the game or documents without any extra noise distractions.
DurabilityHoly Panda Switches are durable, so you do not have to worry about breaking them. They are resistant to solvents and chemicals so you don’t have to worry about ruining them with a splash of soda or a spill.
No FrictionThe Holy Panda Switches do not have any extra friction because the keycaps glide smoothly across them. You can feel the Holy Panda Switches give feedback as they are pressed down, but you don’t feel the friction that you might find in other switches.
Responsive to Low ForceThe Holy Panda Switches are well-suited for gamers who like to tap keys rather than bash at them. You can double-tap and triple tap much easier with the Holy Panda Switches.

The Holy Panda Switches are perfect for gamers because they are responsive, precise, and tactile, so you can tuck your enemies behind. Holy Panda Switches are precise enough to take out the trash with surgical-like accuracy without causing damage to your equipment or making a lot of noise.

Holy Panda Switches Variants

Some of the most popular variants are mentioned below:

Drop Holy Pandas

This switch is similar to the Holy Panda Clear, but the activation point is higher, requiring less effort to press down. The Drop Holy Pandas are still tactile and audible, but they don’t require much pressure.

They feel like heavier switches if you press down further past the activation point. Drop switches are usually at $1.21 per switch.

Its bottom shell is transparent to show the inner working of the switch. It’s made from Nylon technology, which has been observed very highly until now. What makes them unique in my list is their more and better tactile feedback.

How Are Drop Holy Pandas Different and Unique?

They are not lubed, plus they don’t have their own stem. But still, these are ranked as an excellent choice in terms of excellence and sound quality because their stem manufacturing is done from the renowned Halo Clear or Halo True.

It has an auction power of 67g, which is huge. You don’t get such quality from any other switches, be it Cherry or Kailh.

What It Lacks?

You find issues with Holy Pandas: Lubing isn’t great since they are not lubed. Lube may require additional investments after buying the switches. Their quality control doesn’t impress gamers. Lastly, the packaging isn’t ideal since they are pricy; users expect better packaging.

Glorious Pandas

Glorious has also started making Holy Pandas. They have won the market in a very short time due to their excellent quality and some unique features associated with their Panda Switches. Their switches are around $0.69 per switch. 

The Glorious Pandas have an even lighter feel than the Holy Panda Clear. It isn’t easy to find a speed switch that is more responsive and lighter than a Glorious. You do not have to press down as hard for the key to be activated.

Lastly, if you want to feel the same auction and weight as the Holy Pandas, you should opt to use Drop Holy Pandas. 

They are economical and sound really good, but you have to press down harder on them because the activation point is higher than other switches.

How Are They Different from Holy Panda?

Glorious Panda is made uniquely with different components. For instance, they have INVYR Panda Housing with their in-house manufactured stem. 

They don’t use the stem of Halo Clear for manufacturing. They are also lubed other than the Holy Panda, which isn’t. They are better than other options because of their smoothness and longer working duration.

What It Lacks?

Glorious Pandas Switches stem isn’t ideal for their price. You can expect better stems for almost $0.60 per switch. They are lubed, but it doesn’t have the same quality as Holy Pandas. 

YOK Pandas

Here we have Novelkeys’ Holy Panda variants. The YOK Trash Pandas have an added click sound. They are one of the best recreations of Holy Pandas and come in linear performance. They have various colors ranging from red to polar and mint. 

When you press the key down, it makes a slight click before you feel the tactile bump. This gives you an early warning, so you do not miss the activation point. These switches come in almost $0.55 per switch. 

They have a lower price than Drop, but the quality is equal if not better than Drop switches.

Holy Panda Switches Sound and Feel

The Holy Panda Switches are much quieter than other switches so you do not disturb others in the room when you are typing, gaming, or working. They are crisp and responsive, but they do require more actuation force than other switches. 

The Holy Panda Switches can be customized to your personal preferences with different keycaps. It creates the feeling of more weight and leverage with less effort.

Are Holy Pandas Good for Gaming?

The Holy Panda Clears are great for gaming because they have precise and responsive action so you can take out the trash with surgical-like accuracy. The actuation force of Holy Panda Clears is 67g, which is very high. 

The switch type is tactile and you can feel the point that the key is actuated. This makes it easy to double-tap or triple-tap for actions that require multiple key presses at the same time.

Where To Buy Holy Panda Switches?

You quickly get many platforms to buy Holy Panda switches. But I would recommend you to buy them from:

Drop Pandas: This is the best place to get your hands on Holy Panda Switches, where you have many options for individual switches. You will find the prices a bit higher but they are justified with the quality.

Glorious Pandas: Glorious has taken the Invyr Panda and made it their own with some tweaks. They’ve replaced that original Halo stem for one of theirs.

Novelkeys Pandas: Novelkeys has created a new line of Holy pandas that are just like the original ones. They come in 4 different colors: red, mint, polar, and trash.

Are Holy Pandas Worth it?

Yes! The Holy Pandas are worth it! They come in various colors, and no matter what kind of switch you want, there is a Holy Panda for you. However, the Holy Panda switches are a little bit more expensive than other switches because they provide a lot of value. 

The sound is crisp, and the feel is smooth so that you can tuck your enemies behind with surgical-like precision. They are tactile, responsive, and have a great sound to them.

Are Holy Panda Switches Linear?

Hole Panda switches are tactile switches, but since they are smooth and responsive, they are more accessible to double-tap without any issues. Their sound quality makes them even more compatible than any linear switches.

How to Make Holy Panda Switches?

Hole Panda Switches are not challenging to make. All you need is a metal contact and a spring if you want to make one.

Switches are made of three parts:

  1. Metal contact: This is the bottom part of the switch where you press down. It is usually coated with gold, silver, or another metal to make it last longer.
  2. Spring: the spring provides resistance and pushes up when you press down.
  3. Housing: the housing holds the spring and the metal contact together with four screws, usually made of plastic or rubber.

You can make Holy Panda Switches without the housing or screws, making the switch lighter and more durable. This type of switch is called Zero-Point or Clears, and they are entirely transparent.

Here is an interesting video. You can watch it to understand how you can make Holy Panda switches at home if you pay attention.


Holy Panda switches are excellent! If you want a responsive and crisp switch, longevity is your first preference. They may be expensive than others available in the market, but they cost more because the quality is greater than other switches. 

Holy Panda Switches are tactile, responsive, smooth, and have a snappy sound. They come in different types of housings and colors specially designed for gamers and people who do a lot of typing.

If you want a switch that can help you perform better, then Holy Pandas are the answer to your problems.

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