In this guide, we will show you how to connect your Samsung TV to Wi-Fi without a remote. This is great for those times when your remote is not working or is misplaced and you need the internet on your TV.

This article will walk you through what you need, step by step, to make this happen.

Power the Samsung TV

You can use the power button on the Samsung TV itself to power the device since your remote might not be close by. Although many Samsung TV models exist, they have an incorporated power button with different menu options.

You can download the TV’s menu into your phone to learn how to control it manually with the incorporated buttons. Using the analog menu on the TV, you can press the Menu, Home, and Smart-hub control.

Using an Onscreen Keyboard and Mouse to Control the TV

You should check if the Samsung TV supports connection with the mouse, and you can find the supported attachments on the official Samsung TV website. If you search the allowed keyboard and mouse, you can find a list of keyboards and mice compatible with your device.

The Logitech K360, Logitech K400, Logitech K750, and Samsung MKS 1200 are some of the mice compatible with different Samsung TVs. These recommendations will work best for your TV. You can try devices from competitive brands as you might not know what will work for your TV.

Depending on your lifestyle and budget, you can go for the wireless or wired options. If you have a TV stand, you can choose the wired mouse, especially if you intend to use it specifically to control the TV. The wired mouse options tend to be cheaper than the wireless mouse and thus would save a few bucks.

However, the wireless option is like a remote, and you can use it when you are at a distance from the device, making your life easier. You might pay more for the wireless option, but they offer flexibility.

Another issue when buying the keyboards and mice is the model and manufacture year. Older mouse models might have issues, and thus it would be better to buy newer models as companies tend to resolve the issue with previous models when they develop new products.

You can easily plug the mouse or keyboard into the Samsung TV via the USB port on the TV. The USB port is mainly on the back or the sides.

Once you plug the mouse in, the TV will automatically recognize it if it is compatible, but if it is not compatible, it will not recognize it. If the connection is successful, you can begin making changes on your TV, making it possible to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Steps to Connect the Samsung TV to the Wi-Fi with the Keyboard and Mouse

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi router first and ensure the signal is strong; you can check its signal strength or connect the phone to the network to ensure it has a strong signal.
  • You should ensure your TV is powered by an electric source then switch it on using the power button behind the screen or on the sides. Then connect the mouse to the USB port, and the TV will recognize it, making it possible to make a selection using the mouse click option. The mouse works with the digital remote on your TV to make any selection.
  • When using the mouse on the TV’s digital keyboard, you will see three options, but click on the Input option.
  • Clicking the Input option will open a new window on the Samsung TV; the new window will have a menu, and you will choose the Live TV option on the menu.
  • The Live TV option will bring another menu on the ride side, and you will move your mouse to the menu, click on the Channel option, and opt for the recommended option.
  • Since the Samsung TV will not be connected to the Wi-Fi network yet, you will find the you-are-not-connected message. Under the message, you can opt to configure the network. If you click Yes to the network configuration, the TV will start searching for the Wi-Fi network by itself.
  • When the TV finally identifies your home’s Wi-Fi network, you can start connecting to the network by clicking on the Router SSD option. Then select the router password to connect your TV to the Internet.
  • You can save the router’s configurations to make it easy to connect to the network next time without going through the configuration process. Your TV will have instructions on how to complete the configuration process.

Connect the Samsung TV to the router using an Ethernet Cable

An Ethernet cable will connect your TV to the Wi-Fi easily like the mouse, and instead of investing in a mouse, you can use this cable if you have it. However, not all Samsung TVs have an Ethernet port; this might challenge old Samsung TV models.

Thus, ensure the Samsung TV has the Ethernet port before investing in the cable. The port is easy to spot, but you can consult online Samsung support to get the right Ethernet port image for reference.

The Ethernet cable will directly connect your TV to the router. You should consider getting a long enough cable. Consequently, if you don’t find a long cable, you can adjust the distance between the TV and the router. The TV will connect to the Wi-Fi, but if it does not connect, you can check the wire’s connection to the port or the router to ensure they are firmly connected.

Steps to Connecting the Samsung TV to the Wi-Fi with Ethernet

  • After connecting the Ethernet port to the cable and into the Wi-Fi router, you can select the TV’s mouse or digital keyboard menu.
  • Then choose the Samsung network settings and enable the wired internet option.
  • Type the Wi-Fi password using the digital control keyboard.

Although the process requires simple setup time, it provides the most reliable connection and thus prevents buffering from your streaming. The Wi-Fi speeds through the Ethernet connection are higher than the wireless connection.

Use a Powerline Connection

If your TV is in another room, like the upstairs, you can use the powerline to connect to the Wi-Fi. The powerline connection increases the internet connection since the TV will receive weak signals when away from the router, and the walls make the signals worse.

The powerline kit has two adapters and 2 Ethernet cables. You would plug the adapters in the power sockets and the router making it possible to send the internet through the electricity lines.

How to Connect the TV to the Wi-Fi via the Powerline

  • Use one of the adapters in the room with the router and connect it to the powerline, then use one Ethernet cable to connect the router to the adapter on the electric socket.
  • Then connect the other adapter to the socket in the room with your TV, then use the final Ethernet cable to connect the TV to the adapter.
  • Since the router can transmit the internet through the power line, it will boost the internet connectivity in the faraway room.
  • This method can boost internet connectivity for almost all rooms and make it easy to connect laptops and TVs to a strong internet via electric lines and Ethernet cables.

Since you would be connecting the TV without the remote, you can use the phone apps, mouse, and digital keyboard control. This Wi-Fi connection method is easy to set up and extends a strong internet connection to all the rooms in your home.

Connect Both the TV and the Phone to Smart Technology

A smart home can connect different components to one unit control; thus, you should connect your TV and phone to the smart home network. The TV should be considered one of the home devices connected to the phone apps.

If you want to connect the TV to the Wi-Fi router, you can use the app to open the TVs menu. An onscreen remote appears on your phone, and the options available on the menu will depend on your TV. The menu will work similarly to how it would work on a TV.

You can tap on the TV settings and choose the network settings to connect to the Wi-Fi. You can enter the network password and configure it for future reference. If you don’t see your Wi-Fi, you can reboot the access point, as the network could be the problem.

Connect Your TV to the Phone’s Hotspot

If you don’t have regular home Wi-Fi, you can connect your TV to the phone hotspot, which provides internet connectivity to your device. You should turn on the phone’s hotspot from the phone’s settings screen and connect the Samsung TV to the hotspot.

However, smart TVs can consume a lot of data, especially at 4K; therefore, the phone plan should have adequate content streaming.

Steps To Connect the TV to the Hotspot

  • You can go to the portable hotspot settings on the mobile settings, choose network settings, and set up the portable hotspot. If you have not configured the hotspot, you can type a name and password and tap on the tick mark.
  • Proceed to the smart TV settings and choose the network settings; you will see all the Wi-Fi options available and choose the phone’s hotspot network.
  • You will enter the hotspot’s password, and the smart TV will connect to the hotspot.
  • If you don’t have the remote, you can connect the TV using the mouse, digital keyboard, or Ethernet.

Troubleshooting Issues with Your Wi-Fi

Sometimes trying to connect the TV to the Wi-Fi using these alternatives might not be successful due to issues with the Wi-Fi connection. Issues with Wi-Fi might be overwhelming since the lack of connection makes controlling the TV difficult in the first place.

However, you can try to:

Turn the TV On and Off

Your TV might reboot the network settings if you turn it on and off, improving the chances of connecting to the Wi-Fi. After rebooting, you can still use the app, mouse, or digital keyboards to connect the TV to the Wi-Fi. If the TV fails to connect, the Wi-Fi would be the problem.

Ensure the Wi-Fi is Working Properly

Sometimes the Wi-Fi network might be offline, especially if it is not connected to a power source. Thus you should ensure the router is connected to a power source all the time. Moreover, you can use the other devices to check if the Wi-Fi is functional.

First, connect to the phone and try streaming content to access speed and efficiency. If the phone does not browse the web after connecting, there will be issues with the IPS.

Reboot the Wi-Fi access point, which can likely resolve issues with the access point. Then check if the issue was resolved by connecting with the phone.

Check the Router Settings

Some routers have MAC filters systems that deny some device access to the router, and if your router is filtering the TV from the access point, you can change the settings and add the TV.

You would need to know the TV’s MAC; open the TV settings menu and select information about the TV. If you don’t find the TV’s MAC in the settings, you can contact Samsung. The MAC looks like six-letter pairs, numbers separated by hyphens.

Move the TV Close to the Router

Some routers only have a strong internet connection from a certain position in your living room. Thus, you should consider moving the router around to find the perfect spot that connects the devices to a strong internet connection. Moving your TV close to the router also increases connectivity.


Controlling the Samsung TV without a remote is possible, although you may need a mouse that connects to the USB port. You can control it using the digital keyboard and the mouse by clicking on the specific information. You can connect the TV to the smart home and control it with phone apps.

You can opt for the Ethernet cable, which boosts the internet connectivity to the TV. Finally, you may have issues connecting the TV to the Wi-Fi if it has problems; thus, you should resolve Wi-Fi problems before connecting the device.

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