Although some Nintendo consoles are handheld, most players prefer playing their game on a larger screen. You can easily connect the Nintendo with the TV using an HDMI cord. However, you may be on the move and want to enjoy the game.

Your way out here is to connect the console with the laptop to enjoy the gaming experience in the vacation destination. However, the Nintendo might not connect directly to the laptop as it does with the TV, as the laptop is not built for it.

Setting the connection is not complicated, and you should not worry about going through a sophisticated setup process; read on to learn how to connect your Nintendo switch to your laptop.

What is a Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a console game created in 2017 and is a part of the legendary Japanese Hanafuda gaming cards that have been in the gaming scene since 1889. The Japanese company continues to dominate the gaming sector, and the Switch console was received well by most gamers.

This console offers a decent home-gaming experience setup; you can connect it with a large screen. People find it challenging to play consoles with a small display, thus the game’s popularity.

However, more people are always on the move, and they would like to play Nintendo games on their laptops. Unfortunately, the console does not connect directly with the laptop as the laptop might not be built to connect with the console.

The Nintendo Switch comes with the OLED model console, a switch dock, and a LAN port. It has game controllers and wrist strap accessories, Nintendo grip accessories, and HDMI cables.

Although you can play handheld games, these accessories make it possible to connect your console with the TV and the laptops. You can play selected Switch console games with your family as they have two Joy-Con controllers. You may purchase extra controllers for multiple players.

The game supports multiplayer gaming options, and you can play with other online competitors or others in the same room using one system or multiple systems. Specific game features may vary from one game system to another, and you may pay for the Nintendo Switch Online membership when playing with multiple players.

Thus, you would need to connect the Switch console with your laptop, especially if you enjoy playing the game while on the move.

Things You Would Need To Connect the Nintendo With Your Laptop

  • The Nintendo dock connects the Switch console to a Smart TV and the laptop.
  • You will need a video capture card which streams the console on many platforms, and you can use popular card options in the market.
  • You will need an HDMI cable to share the audio and video with the laptop, and your console comes with a whole purpose HMI cable.
  • You will need a video capturing software that improves the streaming experience.

How to Connect the Nintendo Console to the Laptop Using HDMI

You cannot connect the Nintendo to the laptop via an HDMI cable and use the laptop as a monitor. The laptop does not accept video inputs from an HMDI and other connected devices. Therefore, you will not use an HDMI cable to connect your console with the laptop.

It is easy to connect the laptop to the TV using the HDMI cable, and you can cast the videos from your laptop to the TV. However, the laptop does not accept videos from other devices, and you cannot convert them into a monitor, as it does not have the hardware for the task.

Fortunately, some laptops have an HDMI input port, and if you need to convert a laptop into a monitor while on the move, you should opt for the ones with the port. Although almost all laptops have HDMI ports, they are probably the output port and will not connect the Nintendo to the device.

Thus, you should ensure the laptop has both the HDMI input and output ports to connect with other video devices. Thus, you will connect the HDMI cable to the input port. If your laptop does not have the input port, you can opt for the game capture card, which converts the laptop into a monitor during gaming.

How to Turn the Laptop into a Monitor Using a Game Capture Card

The game capture card uploads the digital data to your laptop using converted gameplay signals. This is an excellent method that converts your laptop into a monitor, and most game–savvy individuals opt for it. The game capture card saves and stores the console games on your laptop.

Moreover, the capture card can stream the entire game and is suitable for always on the move. You can find these game capture cards online, and you can include them in your gaming collection.

It is an easy solution to convert your laptop into a monitor. Moreover, you can stream other games and videos on the move.

Most game capture cards have four ports; the input port would be missing in your laptop. Thus, you would connect your Nintendo Switch console to the game capture card input port, and you might not utilize the signals secured by HDCP.

You will use an adapter to connect the videos through the components or composite, and the analog adapter works best if you want the S-video. You can easily purchase these cables in stores and from trusted online vendors.

The game capture card will send the HDMI signals via the HDMI output port, and your laptop will capture the video in real-time. The connection makes it possible to play video games continually.

The USB port on the game capture card can transfer H.264 encoded video via a USB 2.0 to your device. The laptop will receive the signals via the USB port in real-time, and a delay of a few seconds will be expected during the transmission process.

However, the delays will not cause screen ghosting and will not impact the gaming experience. Your game capture card HD hardware will be powered via the USB cable.

Additional Items You Would Need To Convert Your Laptop into a Monitor

You may need extra items to convert your laptop into a monitor when playing the console game, and the process is a bit simple. You would need the items you already have to successfully convert the laptop into a monitor to play the Switch console.

HDMI cable

Your console probably comes with an HDMI cable, and if you forgot yours at home and would like to enjoy the game, you can easily buy a similar one. You would need to buy an HDMI compatible with other electronic accessories and consoles like PS4 Pro, PS4, and PS 3 to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

The HDMI will not have screen tearing and image stuttering. Moreover, the HDMI can upgrade the home audio system and provide 3D surround sound that creates an impressive life-like world at home.

Nintendo Dock

Although you can use different adapters, the Nintendo dock would be the most appropriate for the Switch console. The Switch console video output is built-in, and it might be challenging to link it with the game capture card. Thus the Nintendo adapter works well as it connects to the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo dock transfers signals from the console to the laptop via the HDMI cable and allows you to connect other related accessories.

Moreover, the USB ports charge the controllers and are more powerful than the battery, perfect for running the Switch console. This dock comes with the Switch package.

Step By Step Connection Process

Once you have all these items, you can connect the Switch console to the laptop to create a monitor. These steps can guide connecting the Switch console with your computer speedily, and it is wise to take all the steps seriously since your laptop might fail to connect with the games due to a faulty connection.

  • Step 1: Locate the HDMI output on the Nintendo console, and hook it to one end of the HDMI cable. Ensure you use the right ports to foster correct connections between the console and your laptop.
  • Step 2: Take the HDMI opposite end and connect with the game capture card HDMI in port.
  • Step 3: Use another HDMI cable on the game capture card HDMI output port.
  • Step 4: Connect the end of the second HDMI cable to the laptop’s in-built HDMI in port.
  • Step 5: When all the HDMI connections are secured well, you can connect the Nintendo Switch to the Nintendo Switch Dock.
  • Step 6: Confirm the device is connected to the game capture HD and commence with the game capture card software. The software facilitates the proper connection between the games and your laptop.
  • Step 7: When all the steps are complete, you can start playing the console on your laptop. You can invite another player and enjoy the Switch console game even when you don’t have a TV.

Other Methods to Stream My Nintendo Switch

The HDMI connection is the most appropriate method for playing the Switch Nintendo on your laptop. However, it would be better to change your laptop if you cannot connect the laptop via the HDMI cables. It would be wise to get a laptop with both the HDMI in and out ports.

Finally, you can install the games on the laptop and enjoy a seamless game. Most of these consoles are available, and you can run them on Windows.

You can download them and start playing or buy them from different platforms and go for the ones labeled ‘Xbox play anywhere’ as they would be compatible with Windows. It would be wise to choose specific Switch consoles made for Windows, as they would automatically work with your laptop.


What is the Nintendo Switch Console?

The Nintendo Switch console is an enjoyable home-gaming setup that you can play with a handheld system and connect it with a large screen. People find it challenging to play consoles with a small display, thus requiring a large screen like the TV.

However, when the TV is not functional or when you are not at home, you can connect the console with your laptop to enjoy the game.

Can I Play the Nintendo Switch With Multiple Players?

Yes, you can play the Nintendo Switch with multiple players at home as the system comes with different controls. You can play with an additional player on the same system, and if the players are more than three, you can play the same game but on different systems.

Moreover, you can opt for online games where you connect with other players. Online games help improve your gaming skills, but you would pay an additional fee to enjoy the online games.

Can I Buy Additional Accessories When Playing With Multiple Players?

You might buy additional accessories when playing with more than three players. However, two players can comfortably play with the system without missing any gaming accessories that make gaming a smooth experience.

Can I Connect My Nintendo Switch With the Laptop?

Yes, you can connect your Switch console with your laptop, but the process is not straightforward if your laptop does not have an HDMI in port and an HDMI out port. You can replace your laptop and ensure you get one with both HDMI ports.

However, you can use the HDMI port and the Nintendo Switch dock to facilitate the connection instead of buying a laptop.

Can I Download the Nintendo Switch?

Fortunately, if you cannot connect the Nintendo Switch game to the laptop, you can download the game. However, you should be careful about the specific game and ensure that it is compatible with Windows.


You can continue enjoying your console games when your TV does not function or when you are on the move. The process will be easy if your laptop has HDMI in and out ports.

If you don’t have the input port, you can use the Nintendo Switch Dock to connect the laptop. Alternatively, you can download the games from the Play Store and ensure they can play on Windows.

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