The toolbar and taskbar are two of the most useful terms used in computers but are often misunderstood by those who play around with their computer. These terms are often used at the same time, but can also be found separately depending on the work that is being done.

The confusion of its meaning can be understood if you understand how computers really work and what part in their toolbar and taskbar play.

Yet they operate different functions and structures in different computers. It can be bewildering, but thanks to this article, you will easily see why they are not the same.

User Toolbar

The user toolbar (or the address bar) is similar to Google Chrome and its functionality. It allows you to type in the URL before going directly to Chrome’s homepage, or can be used for setting search engines that you usually use such as Google Search or Ask Search.

This feature is only available when the browser itself has been installed first on a computer, not as a standalone browser application download package.

Today, more and more web browsers of various brands have adopted this new function. There are also some features like keeping track of open sites that will automatically appear in their user toolbars. 


If we compare it with software applications such as Microsoft Word, we can see that there are tabs on both sides of the toolbar. But if we compare it with software applications such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, which have tabs on only one side of the toolbar.

A taskbar is a place where running programs are displayed. The taskbar can be managed as well as dragged anywhere on your desktop by clicking and dragging it if needed, while the user’s toolbars listed above will stay at the top of your browser screen. You can access options for these toolbars by right-clicking it and then selecting “Customize”.

If you are already familiar with the use of computer tools and the Windows operating system, you may know that there is a place on your desktop for these toolbars. This location is usually located in the lower right corner of your screen.

However, if this does not fit with your preference or only occupies part of your desktop (which includes dragging it), you can move taskbars to anywhere on your screen. In some cases, such as certain games that require quick access to gaming hotkeys and macros often used in them, where toolbar placement will be adjusted depending on what game is played.

For example, in most MMORPG or RPG games, user toolbars will appear on the right side of the screen or at least in front.

The toolbar is useful to reduce time but still requires some effort to find what you are looking for with a different location if it does not fit your preference. On the other hand, finding applications that are already installed on our computer is also easy because they all appear in one place.

By taking advantage of these tools, the user can experience a taskbar that is truly useful and convenient for users.

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