When you buy your Vizio TV, you connect it to the Wi-Fi to enjoy Hulu, Netflix, and TV apps. Thus, you would not binge-watch your favorite programs without a proper connection to the Wi-Fi.

Your Vizio might not connect to the Wi-Fi due to internet issues, communication problems between the router and TV, Wi-Fi adapter issues, and Wi-Fi security issues. To enjoy your programs, you can learn how to fix your Vizio TV that is not connecting to Wi-Fi.

For starters:

Test the Wi-Fi connection to Your Vizio TV

You should check the internet connection. Your Wi-Fi should have the proper speeds to connect effectively to the Vizio TV. Your Wi-Fi connection might be the real issue leading to connectivity problems.

You might use other home devices like computers to test the Wi-Fi speeds and connectivity. You can use a web app from a chosen internet service provider (ISP). The base speed tests take about 30 seconds to a minute and transfer about 40 MB or more.

You can opt for web-based apps such as fast.com to determine if your Wi-Fi offers the recommended connectivity.

You may opt to test the Wi-Fi with your phone using mobile apps. Speed test by Ookla app offers good broad scope results. The mobile app logs the speed tests and tracks mobile carrier maps’ download speeds.

After finding out about your Wi-Fi, you would improve the connectivity by reducing the number of devices connected to the internet at a specific time. You may decide to move the Wi-Fi close to your Vizio TV, thus reducing the distance between the Wi-Fi server and the TV.

You may also find a spot that improves the Wi-Fi frequency leading to higher connectivity. Finally, you may wish to restart the Wi-Fi to improve the connectivity.

The walls, bookshelves, and cupboards may dampen the Wi-Fi strength, and it would be better to move it to a position that offers adequate connectivity.

Moving the router may make a difference and increase the connectivity between the Vizio TV to the internet. The more central and prominent the router is, the higher the internet connectivity. You would apply for creative cabling, which improves the Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can change the channel or band to increase the internet connectivity. Wi-Fi uses specific channels to communicate with home appliances. Thus, you would consider changing the band if the Vizio TV does not connect to the internet.

If neighbors use similar bands, there would be congestion on the network, and you can decongest the network by changing the channels frequently.

Upgrade the Wi-Fi router to meet the demands posed by the innovations in the communication sector. Upgrading the Wi-Fi might increase the bandwidth, thus, making it possible to receive internet connection in all areas in a home.

If you live in a big home, you need router upgrades, while small apartments can get by the simpler routers. It is better to check the Wi-Fi manufacturer’s website for new updates to upgrade the device as needed.

Power Cycle the Vizio TV

Power cycling the TV ensures you drain all the power by keeping it off. You may also power cycle all the devices connected to the TV or router.

You may turn off the Vizio TV and unplug it from the power source. Then disconnect the router and modem from the power source, and disconnect other linked devices. Wait for about half an hour before re-plugging these devices into a power source.

You may need to check for errors. If the Vizio TV does not connect to the Wi-Fi, there might be an undetected underlying issue.

Enable the DHCP on the Vizio Smart TV

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) allocates IP addresses to devices on a network. Each device will have a specific unique IP address. But sometimes, two or more devices may share the same IP address, leading to network issues.

The Wi-Fi may not connect effectively to the devices with the same IP address. If your Vizio TV is having issues connecting to the Wi-Fi, it may be sharing the IP address with another device on the network.

Enabling the DHCP prevents the devices from accidentally sharing the IP leading to connectivity issues.

To enable DHCP, follow these steps with your Vizio TV remote:

  • Press the Home button.
  • Go to the Network.
  • Select Manual Setup.
  • Select the DHCP and check if it is enabled. Enable it if it is disabled.
  • Once you enable the DHCP, save the settings and check if the connectivity error persists. The errors will be solved if the DHCP assigns each device a unique IP address.

Change the Wi-Fi Password on the Vizio TV

If many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi, it slows down the connectivity to the Vizio TV. When the network is busy, you may not get the desired network signal.

It is better to decongest the network by logging out the devices connected to the Wi-Fi, especially if you are not using the device. Sometimes neighbors may hack into the Wi-Fi, and finding the illegal connections is difficult. Changing the password will lock out the uninvited guests to your network.

Unfortunately, you may not disconnect all devices from your network, and it would be better to change the Wi-Fi network. You would open the router’s control panel and change the password.

Changing the password will log out all devices connected to the network. After changing the password, you would connect the Vizio TV and other selected devices to the network.

Change the Router Settings to WPA-PSK (TKIP)

The internet connection on your Vizio TV works best on the WPA-PSK (TKIP), and it would be wise to change to these settings. However, you can consult an ISP before performing the gateway settings.

Changing the router gateway may impact the different ISP settings, and it would be better to seek advice from your ISP. It is better to ask the ISP to change your TV’s specific router settings.

You may not know the settings impacting the internet connectivity, and it is safe to use the WPA-PSK (TKIP) as it improves the connection to the Wi-Fi.

Switch to Wired Connection on the Vizio TV

Direct connection increases Wi-Fi speeds and reduces the lag caused by slow internet speeds. If your Vizio Smart TV has an Ethernet port on the backside, connecting it directly to the modem or router using the Ethernet cable would be better.

The Ethernet cables connect your TV to the local area network and carry strong broadband signals between the Wi-Fi and your device.

Even if your Wi-Fi connection is strong, the Ethernet offers a trusted connection. It does not face elements like weather, distance from the router, and other factors that may impact internet connectivity.

Your Vizio TV would be connected to a reliable internet source, and if the network works effectively with the Ethernet, you should check the wireless connection.

You can turn the wall sockets into an internet connection using powerline adapters and the existing electrical wiring in the house. The connection will deliver the internet connection to all the rooms in the house.

Moreover, if the Wi-Fi router is located far from the TV, you connect using the internet cables connected over the electricity socket. The electric cable transmits the network from one room to another.

The electric cables transmit the internet effectively, and robust internet connectivity would cover your whole house.

If the Vizio TV connects to the Wi-Fi via Ethernet, the TV’s wireless adapter would be broken. If you are comfortable using the Ethernet to connect to the Wi-Fi, you choose the cable connection, but it may be better to repair the broken adapter.

This is the best way to determine if the connectivity problems come from the TV, and it helps the TV owner find ways to repair the TV.

Reset to Factory Settings on the Vizio TV

If the methods do not correct the Vizio TV’s internet connectivity, you will try factory rest to the Smart TV. The Vizio factory reset deletes all the information from the TV permanently.

It changes the TV to the factory settings, ensuring that all settings are on the default mode. To use the TV, you would start by customizing the features to suit your needs; this includes reconnecting it to the Wi-F network.

Reset your Vizio TV to factory settings by following these steps:

  • Press the Menu button to perform the reset on your Vizio TV.
  • Navigate the System using the TV’s remote.
  • Select the Reset and admin on the Vizio TV and clear memory (factory default) to reset the TV.
  • Wait a few minutes before the TV shuts itself off. It will then turn on by itself into the original setup.
  • Once the TV turns on, you may carefully input information while setting up and check if the errors are gone.
  • If the problems were associated with settings and incompatibility, the factory resetting would resolve them.

Repair the Vizio TV

If you suspect hardware issues, it may be better to correct them; however, doing so might damage the Vizio TV. You should find an expert specializing in TV repairs to perform the hardware and software repairs.

The repair might increase connectivity and reduce issues bugging the system. Moreover, if the warranty still covers the TV, you would let the company conduct the repairs.

The repairs on the hardware should focus on the motherboard as it impacts how the TV functions. Moreover, all hardware issues are easy to repair, but the repairs depend on the TV size and model.

You can replace the entire motherboard or a few parts. However, it would help if you let an expert deal with such complicated repairs to increase the longevity of the repaired parts.

The manufacturer would effectively correct the motherboard, and if you have to replace the whole motherboard, it would be better to buy the spare parts from trusted vendors. 

Contact Vizio Customer Care

Troubleshooting efforts may not yield desired results, and it would be better to consult Vizio customer care through the support numbers and official website. This may be a good move when your TV is still under warranty as it will be serviced freely or replaced.

Moreover, even if the warranty does not cover the issue, the company would repair the Vizio at reasonable fees. Vizio warranty only covers issues that result from manufacturing issues.

If the TV has mechanical damage caused by trauma, you would pay for the repairs. Fortunately, the manufacturer will effectively repair the motherboard and other issues and restore the TV.


Why Does My Vizio TV not Connect with the Wi-Fi?

The Vizio TV may not connect to the Wi-Fi due to the TV and the router problems. Thus, it is better to diagnose the cause of the failed connection to deal with the route issue. If the wireless encryption is incompatible with the Vizio TV, it will impact the connection.

What is the WPA-PSK (TKIP)?

The WPA-PSK (TKIP) is a security protocol implemented via a wireless connection. TKIP has replaced the older WEP standard. It’s designed to provide compatibility with old wireless LAN equipment.

Does Vizio Have a Reset Button?

The Vizio TV does not have the reset button on its manual. However, you can achieve the factory settings using the manual instructions on the TV settings.

Can I Repair the TV Motherboard at Home?

Although it is easy to repair the Vizio TV motherboard, you may damage it more, leading to other avoidable issues. Thus it is best to have an expert who understands the TV to repair the motherboard or ask for help from the manufacturer.


Your Vizio Smart TV should connect to the Wi-Fi in your home if you want to stream your favorite programs. However, the connection might be interrupted, and you should learn how to fix Vizio TV not connecting to Wi-Fi.

First, you may need to check the Wi-Fi for issues such as poor speeds and move it to an appropriate location. Then ensure the TV does not have issues impacting its ability to connect to the internet. You may need to reset Vizio TV settings and repair the motherboard and other issues.

Good luck learning how to fix your Vizio and connecting it to an internet source.

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