The process of buying a new laptop can be quite challenging. There are many brands and models to choose from. The most popular brands are Dell and HP. Both of these brands are market leaders known for the quality products they bring to the market.

Many of us are accustomed to the behavior of searching for information from the Internet. Some spend many hours comparing different brands of laptops and their specs. Both Dell and HP can offer you a laptop that fits your specifications and budget.

Dell laptops will be the best option for gamers, while HP is better suited to those who are looking for something more utilitarian. To put it simply: Dell’s focus on gaming has paid off in spades with their selection of high-end machines that can handle anything you throw at them; if you’re a casual user and just want an all-around device, then go with HP.

HP vs Dell

To make the final determination, there are some features for both HP and Dell you should look at. Both of these companies make models that stand out with some amazing innovations and characteristics.

They have an extensive product range that means everyone can get a laptop that meets their needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are a web designer, journalist, professional gamer, or student. You will be able to find the right laptop that suits your needs.

An In-Depth Review of The Best Laptops for Dell

Best Overall – Dell XPS 13

This model features a virtually borderless display, and this shows how committed this company is to design and innovation. This Dell notebook model has advanced.

They now have a powerful tenth-generation Intel Core i7 processor. Its battery can last for up to twelve hours. It comes with a very comfy keyboard, and its audio is incredible.

Best Mid-Range – Dell Inspiron 14 7000

This model is light and features study magnesium-alloy chases that make it as attractive as its XPS counterparts. It has a fourteen-inch display and is portable. This makes it an excellent choice for both leisure and work.

Best for Those on a Budget – Dell Inspiron 14 5000

This model does not have the robustness and appeal like that of the Dell Inspiron 14 7000 models. This model is still better than other mainstream and household laptops in the same category. This laptop will suit an individual who is looking for a relatively inexpensive laptop.

An In-Depth Review of the Best Laptops for HP

Best Overall – HP Spectre x360

The HP Company has been able to boost its premium line further with the innovation of the new Spectra x360. This machine has better features and is more powerful than the earlier model.

It features a discrete graphics card and a powerful processor. It can compete against similar laptops despite being lightweight.

Best Mid-Range – HP Envy x360

This laptop has been designed with some attractive slim chassis. This is a high-performing machine that is capable of work-related activities as well as leisure.

It comes with a high processor and the option of an AMD Ryzen chip. This machine has a battery that can last for a long time. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around.

Best for Those on a Budget – HP Pavilion x360

This machine is not the flashiest of this range. However, it is fast for the price it costs and will be ideal for everyday use. It can support some light gaming as well.

Dell Overview

Dell started manufacturing electronics way back in 1984. Currently, the company offers a wide range of products and services. Their main product is personal computers (PCs).

Since that time, Dell computers have been a household name in many factories and offices. It has also become common for home use. Over time, Dell has merged with a host of other companies.

Today, this brand is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies that consists of Dell and EMC.

Let’s have a look at the specifications of Dell laptops.


When it comes to appearance, Dell isn’t committed o developing and upgrading the design of their products. All Dell laptops have a similar design apart from Alienware. Dell puts more emphasis on making its laptops convenient and reliable.

You can find similar features in most Dell models. They can have a similar style and shape.

Dell has improved on its design for the latest notebooks they have released. Dell allows you to choose laptops in different colors. Other than that, Dell offers consumers some impressive gaming laptops. They feature backlit keyboards, slim profiles, smooth form factors, and fancy logos.

This said, though, the appearance and style of some laptops they produce are limited.


When it comes to components, Dell is way up there with the best. The company uses high-quality and effective parts when building its products. Dell makes machines that range from budget laptops to high-end products.

This means that the manufacturer uses different processors including, AMD and Intel. Many times, budget Dell laptops feature a dual-core processor. For high-end products, quad-core processors are preferred mostly.

For home use, one can go for a model like this. One that comes with Core i5 sixth generation processor with Intel HD integrated graphics card. You can also find Dell laptops that have incredible components. There are models with Intel Core i7 eighth-generation processor and NVIDIA GTX 2080 video card.

Dell produces amazing gaming laptops. Most of the time, they use the best AMD and NVIDIA components. This gives a guarantee of the pc power. This leaves you spoilt for choice. Besides, Dell produces machines that come with different screen sizes that range from eleven to seventeen inches.

It is worth noting that not all small-budget computers feature a full HD display. However, most of the expensive and larger models have a full HD display. The very top Dell machines feature 4k resolution.

Another very critical aspect of a laptop is the battery life. Dell prefers using two-cell and three-cell batteries in the product they offer.

These batteries cannot be regarded as so good when compared to the other types of batteries available in the market. This means that if you are looking for a portable notebook, it can be a real issue.


When it comes to performance, the high-end models of Dell like the Alienware are amazing. The laptops of this series are on top of the list on power comparisons.

The top models feature a CPU of up to 5.3 GHz and a 2.0 Turbo Boost. They also use Intel Core i9 tenth-generation processors that make them very fast when browsing.

Alienware laptops have incredible NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 VIDEO CARDS. It features a 4k display, SSD disks, and 32 GB RAM. It is hard to find a computer that competes with this one in this aspect.

It is worth noting that Dell notebooks that are of a lower price have a performance that is not that impressive. Other brands in the market can offer laptops that are better for a similar price.


When considering this aspect, we must acknowledge that Dell continually innovates its products. This is in an attempt to try and make each new model a little bit better.

They ensure the current product is upgraded as compared to the previous one. They continuously try to improve their software and specification to achieve higher performance.

An incredible innovation that Dell continually does is bringing upgraded displays of cinematic nature. To be specific, the Dell XPS pc effectively uses the Dell feature of cinema to offer incredible displays at high resolutions.

It pioneered the sound quality of the machine as well as the color. This makes it possible to get improved cinematic performance from the Dell XPS notebook.

Customer Support

This is another aspect that the Dell company stands out. The Dell company is very reliable when it comes to customer support. The product from this company comes with a warranty, and if something is not working right, one can return it without a problem.

They offer immediate response, and technical support works around the clock to try and fix the issue you may have with your pc. They will give you instructions on what you are required to do and give you a step-by-step guide.

They do also offer the option of a remote connection. It helps in issues you can’t fix on your own, and a technician from the company can connect to your laptop directly and fix the issue.


The pricing of Dell laptops may be similar to that of other manufacturers. They have a variety of products at various prices. Most of their products are affordable. Dell products favor someone who is on a budget.

It is worth noting that Dell mainly sells its products via authorized retailers. This helps in keeping the price low. Dell produces different models of different categories. There are high-end gaming machines that are expensive, and there are cheap ones.

What Makes Dell Stand Out?

The wide range of laptops that Dell produces makes it stand out. Their constant innovation makes them move forward with the fast-growing technology.

Their incredible customer service makes them remain at the top of the game all through. Their pricing and high-end solutions enable this brand to be the leading in the market.

In-depth Analysis of Hewlett-Packard (HP)

The HP model of computers is a direct competitor with Dell. It is among the most popular computer manufactures in the world. The company began by making some cheap laptops meant for workstation purposes.

This said, though, their first models were still durable and of high quality. As time went by, it was able to make some reliable laptops in the market. They grew and were able to produce many products, but computers remained mainline.

HP computers fit for both home and office purposes. There aren’t many categories of HP laptops. However, one can still find a pc that meets their requirements and specifications. An incredible thing about HP laptops is that they are affordable.

Discussed below are the specifications of HP laptops.


HP offers a variety of beautiful laptops. The only challenge is that the range of colors is limited. However, you can get an all-metal casing laptop that gives you a luxurious and chic look. Most of the HP laptops produced feature some sophisticated designs that beauty, thus attracting many customers.

For instance, the HP Spectre Folio comes with a beautiful design. All HP laptops are durable and reliable. This is because the manufacturer uses high-quality materials that make it sturdy and long-lasting.


The HP computers use both Intel and AMD processors, and this ensures an excellent speed. You must note that there is a difference in the components used in high-end laptops and budget laptops.

They use HD Intel graphic processors for cheap models. When it comes to high-end gaming laptops, they use NVIDIA graphics processors and the latest Intel processors. This allows it to achieve maximum performance.

You can also choose laptops of different screen sizes. They vary from thirteen to seventeen inches. The screen resolution is related to the price directly. This means that the higher the price of the machine, the higher the screen resolution.

The battery life of HP laptops is impressive. They can last for up to twelve hours. This is because they prefer using three-cell and four-cell batteries, and both of these work excellently.


When it comes to the performance aspect, HP computers are on top of the game. They offer you more functions and better specs as compared to other brands and still come at the same price.


When it comes to hardware, HP is one of the leaders in innovation and development in the production of exciting and unique products. Though HP does not direct their innovative efforts to the development of notebooks, they have been able to equip their latest laptops with highly improved features.

This company has been able to make touchscreen technology its norm. It can produce the best one and two-inch machines in the market. This makes them attract many users using their sophisticated designs, which makes them even more popular.

Customer Support

HP also tries to take care of its customers. Once you purchase a laptop from them, you are given three months of free phone support and a twelve-month warranty on hardware-related issues.

You can also reach them through social media or use the HP Support Assistant. In addition to this, they have a YouTube channel that explains how you can resolve different issues.


When it comes to price, products of HP are a little bit more expensive. This is in comparison to the products of the competitor. It is because HP uses more costly components; hence the customer is required to pay a little bit more.

The price of HP laptops is a little bit higher as only designated retailers sell them. This means you do not have a chance of buying a product directly on the company’s site. The retailer will charge a higher price for the products to at least earn something.

Why HP Stands Out?

Based on the discussion above, HP produces some stylish products, and many people love sophisticated designs. They also offer laptops in different price ranges. The sound quality of HP laptops is excellent. Their design is perfect, making them suitable for both business users and gamers.

Comparison of Dell and HP

  • When it comes to appearance, HP carries the day. However, Dell offers a wide range of colors.
  • On the characteristic part, HP happens to come on top as it has better characteristics hence its higher price.
  • On the performance aspect, HP comes on top. This is because they are made with improved multi-tasking hence their popularity among designers.
  • When considering the laptop options, Dell comes on top as they have been able to manufacture a wide range of machines. You will conveniently find a Dell laptop that meets your particular requirements.

We must, however, acknowledge that HP is more expensive than Dell. If you are on a budget, go for a Dell laptop. For gamers, Dell comes on top.

Final Verdict

To determine which is better, one needs to consider their needs and budget. If you are looking for a budget-friendly PC but still of high quality, go for Dell.

The laptops they offer are cheaper, but their quality is still excellent. If you are also looking for a proper gaming machine, go for a Dell laptop without hesitation.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a combination of price and power, go for an HP laptop. They will offer you a laptop of excellent quality, incredible design, and powerful hardware.

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