If your Brother printer insists there is a paper jam, you can try the following methods to see if you can remove the paper jam.

Adjust The Printer Head

Open the printer cover and check the position of the printer head. Check to see if there is a small piece of paper stuck on the printer head.

If you see a small piece of paper, use your hand or a small tweezer to take it out. Move the printer head slightly to make sure there isn’t any more paper.

Paper Jammed in the Machine

Pull out the paper tray and check if there is a small piece of paper stuck in the machine. You may need to use a flashlight to make sure no paper is stuck in the machine.

Dirty Roller

Open the printer cover and check the rubber feeder rollers. It may be dirty and can mess with the sensor system. Put isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab and wipe the rollers.

Damaged Roller

If you have been using your printer for awhile, your roller could be damaged. You may have wear and tear from prolonged use of your printer. You can try to replace the roller.

Incompatible Printer Cartridge

If you get a third-party printer cartridge, it may be incompatible with your printer. Try switching your printer cartridge with an original Brother printer cartridge and see if you get the same error.

Factory Reset

If all fails, do a factory reset of the printer. Do a reset of all your printer settings. It should be the printer network setting that you need to put back and the rest you can put as default.

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