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What does

If you work with Unix systems, you may come across some strange commands such as numbers with greater than sign and ampersand. To the untrained viewer, these commands may appear gibberish, but in reality they do mean something meaningful. Their compactness brings about the elegance and beauty of Unix.
When I first saw the command such as the following in a crontab file, I was confused. I did not know what to make of it.┬áDocumentation for this command was very limited and required a lot of digging around to uncover what …

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[14 Feb 2011 | No Comment | ]
Useful MySQL Commands

If you support or use MySQL as your database backend, you will most likely be doing certain tasks over and over again. For example, once you have a table, you may want to modify the columns. Here are some commands that come in handy and can be used as a reference guide.

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Useful Linux Commands

Commands and more commands. Linux comes with many, many commands. They are powerful but they can be overwhelming. Learn a few of these commands and they will become second nature. It just takes practice and running the commands a few times. Afterwards, you will wonder how you managed to survive in the Linux world without it.

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Useful Commands to Query in Active Directory

Have the power of Active Directory commands at your fingertips.