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What is /dev/shm and what is it used for?

/dev/shm is shared memory. It is offered in Linux as a way for memory to be accessed simultaneously by multiple programs.

shm is also known as tempfs or temporary file storage. On Linux it will appear as a mounted file system that you can access directly. Instead of writing to a permanent storage device such as your hard drive, it writes to virtual memory (i.e., it lives in RAM). Since it is memory, anything written to this file system will be removed the next time you reboot.

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Top WordPress Plugins

One of the many reasons I like WordPress so much is because of the plugins. There are so many good one out there.
I could have just listed out the good WordPress plugins but that would do a great disservice to my readers. Instead I will include only the top plugins that deserve to be mentioned.
These plugins are amazing and I highly recommend them. If you have a WordPress site you should have them installed. They are free and easy to install so there is no reason you should not have …

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OSI Model Layer

The Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI model) by developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1984. OSI reference model is a way of sub-diving network communication and grouping them into logical layers. On each layer, an instance provides the services the instances to the layer above it and requests services to the layer below it.