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If you work with Unix systems, you may come across some strange commands such as numbers with greater than sign and ampersand. To the untrained viewer, these commands may appear gibberish, but in reality they do mean something meaningful. Their compactness brings about the elegance and beauty of Unix.
When I first saw the command such as the following in a crontab file, I was confused. I did not know what to make of it.┬áDocumentation for this command was very limited and required a lot of digging around to uncover what …

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How to Convert an ePub to Mobi Format

Kindle is an e-book reader designed and developed by Amazon.com. Many e-books you see on the Internet store their files in the EPUB file format. Kindle devices store their e-books in a MOBI file format. Unfortunately, Kindle cannot read files in the EPUB file format.

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Add WiFi to the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi comes with a 10/100 Ethernet Port to connect to the Internet. In most instances, this works fine. If you set up your Raspberry Pi as a Media Center, your Wi-Fi router and your A/V Receiver might not be in the same room. Running a long Ethernet cable from your Wi-Fi router in one room to your Raspberry Pi in another room does not seem like a practical solution.

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What is a Raspberry Pi?

What is a Raspberry Pi? Is it edible like a pie? Is it sweet? Is it food? If you are looking for a cooking class, this is not the place.

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Find Files in a Directory

Suppose you have several directories with several sub-directories with files in them. How do you go about finding the files you need? You may want to find the latest modified files. You may want to find files belonging to a certain group. You may want to find files under the dotfiles directories. The list goes on and on.

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Wireless Issues with Motorola SBG6580 Cable Modem

If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is Time Warner Cable (TWC), you have the option to either lease the cable modem or buy your own. If you buy your own modem, you can save $5.99 per month in monthly fees. However, you need to buy a modem that is approved by TWC. There are many modems on their approved list.

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Search for a string in a directory of files

Suppose you have a string that you want to search in a directory. How would you do it? What if this directory contains many files and sub-directories? What if you want to search the string in a particular set of files?

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Read from a standard input and write to a standard file

In golf, a tee is a stand used to support a stationary golf ball so that a player can strike it. In Unix, a tee is a program used to read a standard input and write to a standard output and file.