AppleWhy did Apple decide to hide the ~/Library folder in OS X? Does it cause less problems for users if it is hidden. I think not. I think it creates more confusion. When I got my OS X, I could not find it on my Finder. Apparently, it’s an issue for other users too.

The good news is that it is really easy to un-hide the folder. It is hidden from the Finder but you can see it from the Terminal. If you show the directory information for Library, you will see an ampersand as shown below.

ls -ld ~/Library
drwx——@ 48 bob 5000 632 Feb 7 21:18 /Users/bob/Library

The ampersand indicates that the Library folder is hidden. To un-hide it, change the flag of the folder to make it not hidden.

To un-hide the Library folder, run the command:

chflags nohidden ~/Library

For some reason, if you want to hide it again, run the command:

chflags hidden ~/Library

If there are other folders you want to hide or un-hide, you can do so using the command above.

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