Top Joomla Extensions

One of the most powerful features of Joomla is that you can extend the core functionality with downloadable templates, modules, components, plug-ins, and languages.

These five types are called extensions.

We are going to refer to the top Joomla extensions that you should have when running your site.

These extensions may not be installed on all your sites but they come in handy in certain situations.

They are free are downloadable from http://extensions.joomla.org. They are listed below in alphabetical order.


  • J – Google Adsense
    Implement Google AdSense ads with this module.
  • Google Ads
    Another plugin that allows you to display Google Ads in your content pages.
  • Akeeba Backup
    It creates a site backup of your Joomla site that can be restored on any Joomla-capable server.
    It makes your Joomla URLs SEF (search engine friendly) and easily human understandable with metadata and sitemap generation capabilities.
  • ChronoForms
    It allows you to create custom forms.
  • Expose Flash Gallery
    It is a Flash-based tool that allows you to create eye-catching slide shows of your pictures on the web.
  • JCE
    It is an advanced, configurable WYSIWYG editor for Joomla based on Moxiecode”s TinyMCE.
  • JComments
    It is a powerful and easy to use comment system.
  • JEvents
    It allows you to post a calendar of events on your site.
  • Joom!Fish
    It is the solution for your multilingual website if control over the translations matters to you.
  • Jx Random Quote
    Allows you to show randomized quotes from a text file.
  • Rquotes
    Displays random quotes from text files or the database.
  • Tag
    Display popular, latest, and most hits tags on your site.
  • VirtueMart
    It is a complete, online store system that displays your store and catalog, and includes a shopping cart.
  • Xmap
    It allows you to create a map of your site using the structure of your menus.
  • Most Search
    It shows the most popular search terms on your Joomla site. This component is similar to the incoming search terms plugin that is available in WordPress.


  • Siteground
    It offers many free Joomla 1.5 templates that you can download.
  • Joomla24
    It offers many free Joomla 1.5 templates that you can download.
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