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How much do you know about Linux? Are you a Linux newbie? Do you know a little or a lot about Linux? Do you want to know more about Linux?

Sure, but where you do start? You start right here. There are a plethora of resources available on the Internet for learning Linux. That’s the easy part. The hard part is putting in the time and effort to actually sit down and read through the material.

As I said, it takes a lot of reading on your part. You can read and read about Linux and still don’t know everything about Linux. You will need to start reading documentation, tutorials, books, anything you can get your hands on Linux material and then test it out on a Linux machine.

Practice is the key. You will have to do a lot of reading but you will also have to play around with the commands on a Linux machine so that you will be familiar with it. Are you ready for the challenge? If you are, so are we.

Before buying any books on Linux, you can start with the free online tutorials available to you. Here are some of them you can use.

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