What is a VOC File?

VOC is an audio file format created by Creative Technology in the 1990s used by the Sound Blaster sound cards. You know that it’s a VOC file because it has the .voc file extension.

VOC files can contain audio clips, sound effects, and music files that are compressed to reduce the file size.

Programs that Open VOC Files

In order to open VOC files, you need to install a program on your Windows, Mac or Linux machine. By default, these operating systems cannot open these files.

If you want a software that works across all three platforms, install the VideoLAN VLC media player. VLC is a free and open-source media player that supports a large number of audio and video formats. One of the formats that it supports is VOC files.

What is a File Extension?

On Windows, a filename contains a dot and some characters afterwards. For example, mymusic.voc is a file that has the .voc file extension.

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