What is the Difference Between Vi and Vim?

Vi and Vim are both text editors that can be used to edit files on a computer. Vi is an acronym for “visual editor,” while Vim stands for “vi improved.” In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the differences between these two popular editors. What is Vi? Vi stands for “visual editor”. … Read more

NetBeans vs Eclipse | A Brief Comparison of Java IDE’s

Which IDE is better for me? NetBeans or Eclipse? This question has been asked a lot in the developer community. Most developers tend to think that there could be no clear winner. Let’s look at some key features individually. NetBeans NetBeans has a lot of existing plugins (extensions) that add great functionality to your IDE … Read more

What is LSB (Least Significant Bit)?

The least significant bit (LSB) is the lowest bit in a series of numbers. That is, if you represent a series of values in binary, the least significant bit would be the rightmost bit or the number on the far right. The LSB is also known as the “rightmost” or “past-the-end” bit. If the LSB … Read more