The idea of owning a powerful gaming laptop is very appealing. Everybody loves having the power of a desktop on something easy to carry around. However, it has not always been easy with gaming laptops. A few years ago, gaming laptops used to be bulky, heavy and weren’t easy to carry around.

We have to agree that the development of gaming laptops has come a long way. We cannot forget the days of thermal problems, battery life issues, and problems with portability.

With all these issues, gaming laptops were overlooked and mocked for a long time. For some time, it looked that only the hardcore enthusiast crowd was interested in these machines. However, the trend has currently changed and things are looking better.

One major factor that hampered the sale of gaming laptops was desktop PCs. Everyone would ask the question “Why should I buy an expensive laptop when I can get a desktop that has better specs at the same price?”

To solve this issue, the gaming laptops are designed in a way so they offer you better performance as well as value.

The manufacturers came to this realization and for this reason, things began changing rapidly. Gaming laptops are one of the best options for laptops in general right now.

The reason is that many people are involved in activities such as editing videos, playing games, or doing some sort of intensive work on their computers. This is why gaming laptops are gaining popularity for Windows users and not just general gamers.

Reasons Against Buying A Gaming Laptop

Though gaming laptops are wonderful, several factors may make you re-consider purchasing a gaming laptop and they are worth looking at.


The price of a gaming computer is something that can turn you off and make you not buy it. On average, gaming laptops come at a much higher price tag as compared to equivalent desktop computers with similar specs. The reason behind this has to do with the miniaturization of components.

A good portable gaming laptop that can run new games on high-end settings will go for $1,200 to $1,300. This is the same price range for any VR-ready machine. A top-of-the-line experience jumps a price range around $2,000.

Weight and Size

The reason people go for laptops is that they are portable. However, going for a 17-inch laptop greatly impacts the portability factor because the laptop can weigh up to 10 pounds. We must also acknowledge the fact that gaming laptops are hard to manage as compared to standard notebooks.

Potential of Upgrading Them is Minimal

This issue comes around, especially when one has bought a version of a gaming laptop that is weak. If you get to a point of upgrading the components of the computer to something better or for purposes of keeping up the pace with technology, you might have an issue. This is because portable gaming laptops have fewer upgrade potentials as compared to desktops.

On a positive note, many models provide easy access for upgrading components like the hard drive and RAM with just a few easy turns of a screwdriver.

However, replacing graphic cards and the CPU is often out of question for many rigs but it is not entirely impossible. To be fair, what you get with the gaming computer you purchase is the final.

Comparatively Less Powerful Components

The majority of gaming laptops have less powerful components as compared to a gaming desktop. This is especially true if you are on a tight budget. Just like we discussed that miniaturizing of components is a contributing factor to the increased price of a gaming laptop.

Due to the portability nature of the gaming laptop, the hardware features inside it come with under-clocked CPUs and graphics cards that can be as much as fifty percent, therefore, offering less power as compared to their full-desktop counterparts.

A good example is the Razor Blade 15 that has the GTX 1070. Its performance level is a little bit lower when compared to desktops fitted with a similar card.

Another thing is that when you fail in keeping the gaming rigs always plugged in, you may end up throttling both the graphics and central processing from operating at optimum capacity.


One of the biggest challenges of using any computer device is overheating. The laptop does not have sufficient room for all the hardware to play nice with each other as compared to the components in a desktop.

Normally, high-end components generate a lot more heat than the less powerful ones. In the case of gaming laptops, they get extremely hot to an extent that you cannot comfortably sit them on your lap.

It is also crucial to keep the exhaust cables away from components that can melt such as the power cable. However, one can solve this issue by going for a gaming rig that has a proper cooling system and fitting with efficient fans as well as purchasing a cooling pad.

Reasons For Buying A Gaming Laptop

Buying a gaming laptop can be an incredible addition and a worthy investment especially if you enjoy gaming. There are many benefits of buying a gaming laptop. Here are the reasons why you should buy a gaming laptop.


One fact that everyone needs to know is that a gaming laptop affords you more than just the obvious graphic prowess for gaming. You will certainly get way more capabilities than you would be going to the console route.

For a student, a gaming laptop is an ideal acquisition that will last you through your college years because its specs are rated highly as compared to the generic notebook.

In case you are already a professional, a gaming laptop can help you relax after a long day of work. Since the gaming laptop comes with some high-end components, you will not require purchasing an additional laptop for work.

A gaming laptop has that versatility and will be a great acquisition for anyone be it a student, a professional, or those who work from home.

Sturdy Built and Improved Portability

The primary reason for anyone buying a laptop is the portability factor. It comes at a reduced size over what you can get with a larger screen hooked up to a desktop computer and stationary at all times.

The standard screen size of a laptop is 15 inches while gaming laptops have a screen size of 17 inches making them excellent additions that will give you a desktop experience and at the same time allowing you to enjoy the benefit of moving with it from one place to another effectively.

The gaming laptop also comes in a strong build as compared to regular laptops. You can also have a gaming ultra-book that is lightweight. The gaming laptops are being upgraded every day to fit the preference of users.

High-End Options

Gaming laptops can indeed come at a higher price than regular laptops. However, the extra cost you incur allows you to get a laptop with high-end options. Most of the gaming laptops have high screen resolutions that provide gaming visuals of incredible quality.

You can get a gaming laptop with 4k resolution meaning you will enjoy games at crystal UHD clarity.

The gaming laptops have SSD ports that will load whatever you are sending or receiving at lightning speeds. The gaming laptops also run silently as compared to a desktop rig that has an MHD.


This is another factor that makes a gaming laptop a worthy buy. The performance offers matches closely to that of a desktop computer. The benchmark of the mobile version of the NVIDIA RTX 2080 GPU and the desktop addition showcase nominal differences that do not have a high impact.

The downside is that most manufacturers tend to underclock components to keep the gaming laptop from overheating. However, most OEMs do have the carte blanche to effectively lower the clock speed of the GPU to the right state they see fit.


Well, in gaming laptops, you surely get value for your money. At a glance, the price range may put you off a little bit but going by the specs it comes with, you will appreciate the cost.

It can cost you around $1200 to get the latest gaming laptop with high-end graphics and all that. Knowing the quality you are getting by acquiring this machine, you will not at all be put off by the price.

Best Gaming Laptop

Sager NP7879PQ Gaming Laptop

The Sager NP7879PQ 17.3-Inch Thin Bezel FHD Gaming Laptop is one of the best gaming laptops available in the market. It features a 17.3-inch thin bezel FHD 144Hz screen that has a wide view angle. It has a 72% NTSC (1920 x 1080) matte display.

It is fitted with an 11th-generation Intel Core i7-11800H 8-core processor. It also comes with a Windows 10 Home (64 bit). Its graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 with 6GB GDDR6.

It features a memory of 16GB DDR4 3200MHz and storage space of 500GB PCle NVMe SSD. It is fitted with a single zone multi-color illuminated full-size keyboard. It has Bluetooth capability and Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 wireless LAN.

  • It has great components for the price its being sold at
  • Fast rendering, stable with just a little bloatware
  • It has a beautiful screen
  • It can run any game
  • It runs hot after playing a game after some time
  • It is a little too loud and its battery life is short

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gaming Laptops Good For Everyday Use?

If you are a big gaming enthusiast, then you should definitely have the best laptop for gaming. A regular laptop is good for daily use but a gaming laptop is more efficient to use if you only game on one device.

Of course, gaming laptops cost more than regular laptops but they are worth saving up and buying due to their excellent features which improve your gaming experience.

Gaming laptops are faster, have a larger screen size, and are heavier than normal personal computers. No matter whether you use it for playing games or doing your usual work, a gaming laptop is the best for both purposes.

Should You Get a Gaming Laptop If You Don’t Game?

Some people tend to give the impression that gaming computers only have one use, and that is for gaming. But this is not true. Gaming laptops are multipurpose devices that can be utilized for running software and applications as well as playing games.

Many people are attracted to gaming laptops because of their sophisticated designs, impressive features, and functionality. They are considered gaming computers because of their design and the sounds they make during use.

How Long Can You Play on a Gaming Laptop Before it Overheats?

With a good gaming laptop, it will take you roughly four hours before it overheats. You will begin hearing its sound increase. That’s a sign that the fan is overworking to keep the heat down.

Do Gaming Laptops Need Cooling Pads?

Cooling pads are a necessity for gaming laptops. Gaming laptops with a big CPU and GPU quickly heats up while in use. The cooling pads provide extra cooling to the gaming laptop during short and long gaming sessions. The reduced temperature will make the CPU run without shutting due to overheating.

Cooling pads also ensure that short circuits do not cause any harm to the laptop. The short circuits can be caused by heating the motherboard due to a lot of usages. A cooling pad ensures that all the components in the laptop are in good working condition under less heating.

Do Gaming Laptops Last Long?

Gaming laptops can serve you for a long time. If you purchase a gaming laptop and give it proper care, it will last for more than five years. The performance of the GPU can go for about two years without a hitch.

Investing in a gaming laptop is a great idea. It is also strong and its components are firmly fitted. It’s one of the benefits of buying a gaming laptop. 

Final Thoughts

The technology in the gaming laptops industry has been improving every day. They are way better than regular laptops in many aspects not just in gaming. Investing in one is a worthy venture considering the specs it comes with and that one can use it for work and also when having a good time.

A gaming laptop is better than a desktop due to the portability factor. If you are looking for a gaming laptop, consider the one we have reviewed in this discussion. It has very good specs and will be worth the money.

For those of you who are still stuck with the question of whether a gaming laptop is worth it, we can comfortably say that it is a worthy investment. They are huge upgrades to the common computers everyone uses.

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